Budget Host Inn Iron Mountain, Iron Mountain

Budget Host Inn Iron Mountain

1663 N. Stephensen

At a Budget Host Inn, the traveler enjoys consistent high standards at budget rates, plus the bonus of warm hospitality so traditionally associated with predominately family-owned and operated inns. Close to Lake Antoine, Pine Mountain Resort,Timberstone Golf Course, the new Bay College Campus, and many other recreational attractions. Minutes away from dining and shopping. Supper club next door. Legal direct access to snowmobile trail. Snowmobile rentals one block north of the Budget Host Inn. The Budget Host of Iron Mountain is regularly inspected by Budget Host and AAA to help ensure the highest levels of cleanliness, comfort and maintenance of guest rooms and facility. The Budget Host Inn of Iron Mountain was awarded the 2001-2007 Awards of Excellence by Budget Host International for a "very well maintained property with outstanding housekeeping status."