Lake Michigan Ferry

The Lake Michigan ferry saves you time and energy traveling to Wisconsin. Even though less than 100 miles separate the two shorelines, it can take hours to drive rather than take the ferry across the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan. When you purchase tickets for the ferry, you can sit back and enjoy the scenery of the Great Lakes and marvel at their beauty. You don't have to worry about driving way out of your way or getting stuck in Chicago traffic.

When you're talking about the Lake Michigan car ferry, this could mean the Badger or the Lake Express. Both vessels travel fixed routes between Michigan and Wisconsin. Both ferries accommodate vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. The Badger is even big enough to accommodate motorcoaches and RVs. You're also welcome to ride a Lake Michigan ferry if you leave your car at home. Ample parking parking is available at all of the terminals if you don't want to spend the money or the time to bring your vehicle along on your Great Lakes vacation.

The Badger Lake Michigan Car Ferry travels between Ludington, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It takes about four hours to make the crossing between the two cities—half the time it would take to drive through Chicago. Instead of navigating through a maze of traffic, busy highways, and tollbooths, you can spend the trip having fun. This safe, smooth passage gives you time to watch movies, grab a bit to eat, and even do some shopping while this ferry across Lake Michigan travels along its route with passengers and vehicles in tow.

When you're planning Michigan vacations between May and October, you can include a ride on the Badger. This 410-foot-long vessel was built to withstand and conditions the lake might bring during its sailing schedule. The rest of the year, the ice and the wind make passage too difficult for any Lake Michigan car ferry or Great Lakes cruises to make the trip.

The Lake Express, built for speed, has been in service since 2004. This high-speed catamaran zips between Muskegon Michigan and Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2.5 hours. On this Lake Michigan ferry, passengers enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride and the chance to relax on the trip across the big lake. On the ferry across Lake Michigan, passengers can stand on the deck and watch the scenery or stay on the climate-controlled cabin to eat lunch or see the movie that's showing. On both sides of the Great Lakes Circle Tour, Lake Michigan lodging providers offer packages for Lake Express passengers, including transportation to and from the terminal for the ferry across Lake Michigan.

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