Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Grand Hotel

286 Grand Avenue

Welcome to America's Summer Place - there's no place quite like it, and the experience cannot be duplicated. Grand Hotel. Opened in 1887. On an island without cars, where horses and bicycles are still the favored modes of transportation. It's the shower, more leisurely pace of the past, but with all the amenities of the present. Where guests enjoy exceptional service and accommodations, and a full breakfast and five-course dinner are included daily. Grand Hotel features 385 uniquely decorated guest rooms and also has the longest porch in the world. Afternoon Tea is offered each day and meals, which are included in the rate, are served in our Main Dining Room. Mackinac Island does not allow motorized vehicles, bicycles and horse and carriage carry guest around the island. The movie Somwhere in Time was filmed at Grand Hotel starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.