Michigan Adventure

Michigan Adventure, located in Muskegon County, near the popular town of Muskegon on the shores of Lake Michigan, is the state’s largest amusement park, featuring dozens of rides and plenty family entertainment. Open during the summer months, the Adventure Amusement Park offers different options for hours and park entry fees, and in addition to trying out the games and rides, visitors can relax under cabanas, try the various restaurants, and watch the many special events that take place annually. Visitors to this Michigan amusement park will also find plenty of guest services to make sure they have an unforgettable stay.

Established as a petting zoo known as Deer Park in 1956, the site where Michigan Adventure now stands became an amusement park several years later. Purchased by Roger Jourden in 1968, Deer Park was cleared of its deer by selling and transformed into Deer Park Funland by 1972, with the addition of several games and rides, including a carousel and Ferris wheel. In 1988, the Wolverine Wildcat roller coaster was added, and Deer Park Funland became Michigan Adventure.

In 1991, a water park, Wild Water Adventure, was added to the Adventure Amusement Park, which added even more entertainment to the area, and between water slides and roller coasters, there’s something for everyone here. Today, the largest amusement park in Michigan—and one of the state’s most popular family attractions—is owned by Cedar Fair, the same company that owns the popular Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Among the vast number of rides at this Michigan amusement park, the roller coasters are some of the most popular. They include the park’s original wooden roller coaster, Wolverine Wildcat, and two others: Shivering Timbers (one of the longest wooden coasters in the world) and Zach’s Zoomer (named after Mr. Jourden’s grandson). Other popular rides in the park include the Funnel of Fear, tornado of a water slide that ends with a funnel; the Lazy River, a relaxing ride for anyone needing a break from more intense attractions; Thunderhawk, a suspended loop roller coaster; and a host of other water rides and games for visitors.

In addition to the many thrills, the this Michigan amusement park offers a variety of foods, catering to the tastes of nearly any visitor, and cabana rentals for families or small groups or simply for those in the mood for a bit of privacy and relaxation during a day of adventuring in the sprawling landscape of the park. Amenities such as these ensure that you can spend a full day at the park, without worry about anything other than what to ride next.

There are multiple admissions options as well, including one-day or multi-day passes, season passes, group rates, and special rides. There is a parking fee as well, with an increase for oversized vehicles. There are discounts for children available, as well as group rates, depending on the size of your group. When buying a season pass, guests can choose from a number of options, including the regular pass, which is just for Michigan Adventure, and the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, which allows access to other Cedar Fair parks around the country, including Cedar Point. The platinum pass is also discounted for seniors and children. In addition, visitors who buy season passes have access to several discounts on special rides, food, and souvenirs, those these deals vary year-to-year.

Whether you choose to ride the gut-wrenching thrill rides and coasters or take it easy on the Ferris wheel or the Lazy River, Michigan Adventure has something to appeal to every type of vacationer. With so many rides available, the Adventure Amusement Park is a safe bet for guests of all ages, and the convenient location means it’s easy to combine a trip here with a visit to Muskegon or Lake Michigan, as well as a tour of the Great Lakes.

Image: Muskegon County CVB

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