Michigan Adventure Rides

Michigan Adventure rides vary by thrill factor and type, allowing visitors to find plenty of ways to entertain themselves during their stay, from roller coasters to water slides. Some rides incur an extra fee aside from the park admission fee, such as the RipCord and the Go Karts, and there are several options to consider before making a purchase. The amusement park can be divided into two sections: the dry-land rides in Michigan’s Adventure and the water rides in the Wild Water Adventure. The Michigan Adventure rides can be further divided into thrill levels, ensuring that guests are safe and entertained on every ride, no matter what their age.

The seven roller coasters at Michigan Adventure are among the largest, most thrilling, and most popular rides in the park. Opened in 1979, the Corkscrew was the first roller coaster erected in Michigan Adventure, and it features corkscrew turns and inversions. Several years later, the wooden Wolverine Wildcat was constructed, topping the Corkscrew in height as well as speed. 1999 brought in two more roller coasters at Michigan Adventure: Mad Mouse and the Big Dipper. Resembling wild mouse-like maneuvers, the Mad Mouse coaster offers sudden turns, unexpected dips and drops, and the finishing touch of the mouse shaped cars. Family-oriented, close to the ground, and relatively short, the Big Dipper makes several trips around this more low-key track. Zach’s Zoomer, another family oriented coaster appealing to youngsters, is wooden and named after the original owner’s grandson.

If you’re looking for the most thrills in the park, the Thunderhawk and Shivering Timbers are among the best choices. With their feet dangling high above the ground, riders on the Thunderhawk will be thrilled by the speed and quick turns of this suspended coaster. Shivering Timbers, consistently voted as one of the best wooden coasters in the world, has several features that appeal to adventurous riders, including a trick track that thrusts riders from side to side, airtime that offers a few seconds of free-floating exhilaration, and a variety of twists and turns over a 5,383-foot track towering 125 feet above the park grounds.

Aside from roller coasters at Michigan Adventure, some of the classic Michigan Adventure rides consisted of basic carnival features, such as the Ferris wheel and the carousel; these are consistently popular with riders of all ages. While some of the earlier rides remain, they later evolved into the even-more entertaining experiences that are at the park today, including the Sea Dragon, Adventure Falls, Falling Star, Flying Trapeze, and the Grand Rapids, each offering a unique type of ride.

Visitors with children will be happy to know there is an ample amount of appropriate rides for the little ones, which isn’t always the case at amusement parks. The kid-friendly rides here include the Frog Hopper, Motorcycles, Speed Splashers, and the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship and Half Pint Paradise in the water park area. Wild Water Adventure offers some of the most popular summer rides and areas for guests of all ages; these rides include the Lazy River, Mine Shaft, Cyclone Zone, Bumper Boats, and the exciting Funnel of Fear, an intense waterslide ending with a ride through a funnel.

From top speed to slow and restful to wet and wild, Michigan Adventure rides offer tons of variety as well as entertainment. Whether you join the adventurers on the Shivering Timbers and other coasters or relax while floating along the Lazy River while in search of the best ride at Michigan Adventure, visiting the Michigan Adventure park near Muskegon will provide a great experience for every member of the family. Vacation passes, Michigan Adventure coupons, and the variety of nearby hotels help make this a fabulous but affordable vacation.

Image: Muskegon County CVB
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