Michigan Adventure Tickets

Michigan Adventure tickets are available for in a great variety for admission to the state’s largest amusement park. From one day passes to season passes, tickets for the Michigan Adventure water park and theme park allow vacationers to create a personalized trip to the park, depending on how they want to pass the time and how many times they plan to visit in a year. In addition to the regular admission fees, visitors can often find Michigan Adventure discount tickets from local hotels and within vacation packages, creating a terrific trip to attractions in and around the town of Muskegon.

Regular admission to the Michigan Adventure Park is available by purchasing daily passes at the park’s box office or head of time. Michigan Adventure tickets are available in one-day and two-day options, with discounts available for children. In addition to the entrance fees, visitors planning to ride the RipCord and Go-Karts or rent various items, such as strollers and tubes for the water rides, will have additional costs for those items. Locker rentals are also available for a fee if you need to store anything while visiting the park. Groups also have access to Michigan Adventure discount tickets, and for catered events, guests get even cheaper admission to the mark (notwithstanding catering fees).

Tickets for Michigan Adventure Water Park and the amusement park can also be purchased as season passes, which grant access to the park for a full season, with additional bonuses and coupons. Visitors have a few options when choosing the type of season passes as well, including regular and platinum passes. The regular Michigan Adventure season pass grants entry to the Michigan Adventure amusement park alone during the season of purchase.

If you’re not local to the Midwest and will only be visiting Michigan Adventure once, or if you plan to visit other parks owned by the Cedar Fair Company, the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass is a great choice. It includes access to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio, Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, Carowinds in the Carolinas, Great America and the Knott’s Soak Cities in California, and Canada’s Wonderland near Toronto. Some of the Michigan Adventure discount tickets that season pass holders have access to include savings on meals, paid activities, rentals, and additional bonuses, such as complimentary pictures, t-shirts, and gift shop coupons.

For those who enjoy the RipCord and plan to ride it more than a few times, a season pass is also available for this ride, granting unlimited rides for $50. In addition to admission fees and entertainment, visitors who plan to visit the park multiple times may want to invest in a season parking pass, which allows patrons unlimited entry to the attraction’s parking lot; otherwise, parking is available for a daily fee.

Whether you plan to visit the park only once or several times throughout the season, Michigan Adventure tickets are available and affordable for nearly every vacationer, especially with access to discounts and packages that are available to guests in several ways, including from Muskegon hotels and other area attractions. However you plan to purchase tickets for Michigan Adventure water park and spend your vacation, visiting the Adventure park in Michigan is sure to be filled with exciting rides and a host of fond memories.

Image: Muskegon County CVB

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