Cabela's Minnesota

Cabelas sporting goods store was founded in 1967 and has since become the largest retail, mail-order and internet outfitting facility in the world. It all started with a simple plan. Dick Cabela created a plan for selling fishing flies he bought while in Chicago and when he returned home he placed an ad in the paper that read "12 hand-tied flies for $1". One person responded. Undiscouraged, Dick reformulated his plan and placed a new ad that read "FREE Introductory offer! 5 hand tied Flies..... 25c Postage...... Handling" and submitted it to several national outdoor geared magazines. The offer was snatched up by people around the world and history was written.

Over the years the business kept growing and had to be moved to larger and larger locations. Today more then 120 million catalogs are sent out through the mail each year and the orders keep coming in at the Cabelas sporting goods store. Cabelas MN has numerous retail stores with showrooms stocked to the brim for a superior shopping experience. Cabelas Outdoor Adventures was officially established in 1985 and has become the world's leading fishing and hunting consulting agency employing hundreds of outdoor experts. Cabelas fishing trips can be arranged through Cabelas for some of the best organized trips out there.

The Cabelas MN range of catalogs offer a huge wealth of information for outdoor sports and events imaginable. Some even call it the "Outdoor Bible". Camping, fishing, hunting and boating supplies are sold through their retail stores and complete catalogs. Buyers' guides, field test reports, comparison charts and gear lists are all available through Cabelas MN. Loyal customers love all the expert advice offered and many consult the professional lists before investing in outdoor gear.

Cabelas Outdoor Adventures teams up with leading outfitting organizations around the world to offer some of the best hunting, camping, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking adventures around. Cabelas fishing trips can be researched o through their catalogs where a host of detailed information can be found. There are contact numbers available so you can talk in length to an expert about Cabelas fishing trips and exactly what's included in the different packages.

If you're an outdoors enthusiast you'll love all the Cabelas MN products. All the most up-to-date gear can be purchased from the Cabelas sporting goods store and you can learn a lot about a variety of outdoor sports through their articles and expert advice. Advice on specific things to do when executing an outdoor sport comes in handy for beginners'.

There are three Cabelas sporting goods stores in Minnesota. The one in Minneapolis utilizes 40-acres of the 55-acre site and features a 185,000 square foot showroom complete with museum-style exhibits, trophy animals, massive aquariums and natural habitat recreation. It's much more then a regular retail store! Two other stores include one in East Grand Forks northwest of Bemidji and one in Owatonna, Minnesota west of Rochester and south of St Paul. Total stores in the USA are more then thirty.

From meager beginnings as a small catalog business to growth into a multi-million dollar corporation, Cabelas Outdoor Adventures always have their priorities straight, their customers. It's with exemplary customer service that Cabelas has made it this far. The variety of goods offered is unsurpassed by any other outfitting store in the nation.

With 76 catalogs published each year you'll always find what you're looking for. The number of resources Cabelas offers for their clients makes them a very valuable source, not only for goods, but also for the latest information. When you're looking for high quality, affordable outdoor equipment you won't have to look farther then a Cabelas sporting goods store

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