First Avenue Minneapolis

Nightlife is the cornerstone of travel for many when it comes to visiting exciting metropolitan cities. The breadth of choices in Minneapolis nightlife is a reminder that the modern and cultured city retains a wide scope of things to do when the sun goes down. From lazy days spent at Lake Calhoun to exciting nightly entertainment at the First Avenue Nightclub, taking things up a few notches is an easy thing to do in Minneapolis.

First Avenue Nightclub was first revealed publicly in 1970 yet the history of the stratum of entertainment churned out by the venue dates back many years prior to its official unveiling. Originally built in 1937 as the Greyhound Bus Depot, the structure was accredited for it's modern amenities and orderly appearance of the then popular art deco style. Shower rooms, air conditioning, and public pay phones were then considered luxuries which bumped the station's reputation up to high class.

The Depot was unlike any building anyone had seen in the 1930's. Now classic terrazzo floors and massive chrome-trimmed chandeliers were the revered features in what's now First Avenue Nightclub. The depot relocated in 1968 and an innovative man named Allan Fingerhut envisioned what was to become the First Avenue Nightclub. These days it's the most well-known music venue in Minneapolis. Legendary names in music have graced the First Avenue Minneapolis stage with fervor. From disco to DJ's, punk to rock, world beat to hip hop, Minneapolis nightlife flourished through from the 1970's through to today.

First Avenue and 7th Street Entry has showcased some of the finest music of each decade since the 1970s. During the 70s, First Avenue in Minnesota saw the likes of big names such as Frank Zappa and the Mother's of Invention, the Allman Brothers and Canned Heat. Rock and Roll was on the upswing and was one of the top industries during the decade. First Avenue Minneapolis hit a booming market and kept on going.

During the 1980s First Avenue in Minnesota tapped into a new, revolutionary kind of music. The music industry became more diversified and included new wave, heavy metal and alternative rock. Minneapolis nightlife was thriving and people came from nearby cities like St Paul and Bloomington just to hear the likes of national acts such as Prince. He became a regular at the club and eventually recorded his movie, Purple Rain, at the highly acclaimed locale.

During the 1990s music kept advancing. First Avenue in Minnesota celebrated two decades of success and its reputation grew as a leader in the music industry while retaining its cutting edge spirit. Well-known magazines wrote rave reviews furthering its fame even more. DJ culture kicked into high swing drawing people from farther and farther away. Young generations from Duluth and Rochester, as well as people from all over the world, arrived in waves to see bands like The Fugees and the Chemical Brothers.

In 2004 First Avenue Minneapolis saw its first negative turn of events when, to the dismay of the city, Allan Fingerhut filed for bankruptcy. Support from all over the globe poured in and the Mayor stepped in to offer a solution rather then close down one of the most valuable historic landmarks in the city. Assets were purchased by investors and the club reopened its doors shortly after. Thousands still frequent the famous club today and world-renowned musicians and DJ's grace the stages and regale crowds almost every night of the week.

Today, First Avenue in Minnesota continues to showcase an eclectic roster of music. First Avenue Minneapolis hotels, bars, restaurants and shops line the entire inner-city artery. Shopping during the day is fantastic. Along with First Avenue Minneapolis has many other top attractions such as Minnehaha Falls, the Minnesota Zoo and the nearby Mall of America. For night owls though, First Avenue in Minnesota remains the highest on the list of attractions with promises of continuing its reputation of featuring some of the best music acts in the world.

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