Lake Superior

Lake Superior is truly magnificent, no matter how you figure it. Even though a relatively small percentage of the Minnesota border fronts the big lake, the options for adventure are nearly boundless. Whether you're coming to enjoy the excellent Lake Superior fishing, looking for a relaxing retreat, or coming for some other reason, the amazing scenery will provide a scenic backdrop for your ideal vacation.

When talking about Lake Superior facts, the most important thing to know is that it's the largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of volume and surface area. In between Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, in the east and Duluth to the east, the largest of the Great Lakes covers more than 31,000 square miles. Lake Superior lives up to its name when you consider that ten percent of the world's fresh water is found within this massive body of water. The shoreline meanders for more than 1,800 miles. To put this into perspective, this is equivalent to driving from Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the north shore, to Orlando, Florida, if you were driving a straight route.

While Lake Superior facts are interesting to think about, seeing the lake in living color is a breathtaking experience. In Minnesota, the coast winds its way from the inland port of Duluth to the Canadian border, just north of Grand Portage. The Superior National Forest stretches from the shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota well to the west, preserving an outdoor wonderland of lakes, streams, and northern forests. At nearly 700 square miles, the national forest offers a wide range of adventures. Wildlife watchers will be in their element, as will anglers, hikers, and people who just want to see unspoiled nature. Several Lake Superior cabins and campgrounds are found within the boundary of the federal land, which can be reserved throughout the year. If the winter is too much for you, a nearby hotel can provide a place to warm up after spending the days outdoors.

Heading to the south, Duluth is the biggest community located along the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota. This port city may best be known for its cold winter weather, the city is fascinating in all four seasons. Throughout the year, Lake Superior resorts provide hospitality and views of the lake, many just steps from the beach. After you've stepped away from your rooms, your choices of things to do on Great Lakes vacations may seem endless.

Duluth is one of the top places in the Midwest to enjoy Great Lakes fishing. Several fishing charters leave from the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota, heading out in search of freshwater sport fishing. The lake also is a favorite place for boating and jet skiing. Back on shore, you'll find plenty of beaches where you can soak up the sun and go for a dip when the weather is warm.

Whether you're staying in Duluth, anchor in Twin Harbors, or visiting any of the other shoreline cities, you will be close to a way array of adventures. On and off shore, Lake Superior offers a wide array of fun activities. Narrated sightseeing cruises are an excellent way of discovering Lake Superior facts and admiring the scenery. The captains know this area better than most and call tell you about what makes this inland lake so special.



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