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The state of Minnesota is an outdoor-lovers's dream, and its urban areas are more than capable of delivering high culture and worthy attractions. Plus, you can find the largest ball of twine in the world here, and who wouldn't want to see that? The birthplace of many notable Americans, from Bob Dylan to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Minnesota is a proud state, and well it should be. When traveling through the Land of 10,000 Lakes, you will no doubt tire at some point and need the service of the Minnesota hotels. Minnesota is a big state, the 13th largest, in fact, and across its expanse, a range of Minnesota hotels make sure finding a place to stay is easy. From resorts to cabin rentals, and bed and breakfasts to the budget hotels in Minnesota, the wealth of Minnesota hotels encourages visitors to come see all that this beautiful state has to offer.

If you are driving into Minnesota along Interstate 90 from the east, the first place you may stop to check out the Minnesota hotels is the city of Rochester. The famous Mayo Clinic has helped to put Rochester on the map, and Rochester tours are a great way to see some of the city's historic homes and points of interest. If you need to stop and rest, or are spending time here, you will be happy to know that there are a variety of Rochester hotels. If you are a Spam-lover, the short drive to the small city of Austin will prove extra-rewarding. Home of the Spam Museum, should you need more reasons to visit? If you do, there are some, such as the J.C. Hormel Nature Center and the Greibroks Mini History Farm. Chain hotels make up the bulk of the Austin hotels scene, though rooms a nice bed and breakfast can be arranged. After time here, you are may be headed towards the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you are entering Minneapolis from its southern edge, the city of Bloomington may prove a big diversion. Home of the infamous Mall of America, the shopping experience here is about as enjoyable as it gets. For outdoors relaxation and recreation, Hyland Lake Park Reserve offers activities like canoeing and camping.

As far as cities go, the Twin Cities are a most unique combination. Minneapolis and St. Paul are split down the middle by the Mighty Mississippi River, which makes for an intriguing setting. Though they are practically one big city, Minneapolis earns top rank as the state's largest urban center, while the older St. Paul maintains status as the state capital. Minneapolis is a sophisticated city with a gleaming skyline. Downtown, the Minneapolis attractions range from the riverfront to the art galleries, and the cities dining and entertainment scenes have much to be explored. In July, Minneapolis is more alive than ever, and if you are nearby, you won't want to miss the Minnesota State Fair or the Minneapolis Aquatennial Festival. As for Minneapolis hotels, you have some pretty nice choices. Every budget is met by the variety of Minneapolis hotels, and a bit outside of the city, you might consider renting a Minnesota cabin. For a truly unique experience in Minneapolis hotels, a houseboat rental can prove most memorable. The downtown Minneapolis hotels are the best way to stay close to the action. St. Paul compliments Minneapolis well, and vice-versa, and you will want to cross the river to check out its relaxed scene. The hotels in St. Paul should be considered if you want a more low-key atmosphere. After a daylong visit to either the Minnesota Zoo or the Science Museum of Minnesota, the nearby luxurious St. Paul Hotel might prove to be among the top hotels in St. Paul to find comfort for a weary body. Between the Minneapolis accommodations and the hotels in St. Paul, finding somewhere to stay in the Twin Cities that fits your budget is low-stress. You may also consider the nearby suburb of Shakopee to see what the Shakopee hotels feature.

From the Twin Cities, other Minnesota cities that may be calling you could be St. Cloud and Duluth, though they are in separate directions. About 70 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, the charming, small city of St. Cloud is a nice change of pace from the larger cities. You can take tours of this historic Mississippi River town, and as for Minnesota hotels, the bed and breakfasts found here are often the way to go. Just north of St. Cloud, the smaller town of Little Falls offers great kayaking and fishing, and you might consider visiting the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site. If you head to the far northern section of Minnesota, there is plenty of outdoor expanses to enjoy. Along the way, you may detour for a chance to see the famous Paul Bunyan & Blue Ox Statue in the small city of Bemidji. Proud birthplace of Paul Bunyan, though certain Maine natives might argue that, Bemidji is also known as the first official city found on the Mississippi River. Up north, cabin rentals and lodges compliment the more traditional Minnesota hotels, and as far as the Bemidji hotels go, that is too the case.

Of particular interest in the northeast section of northern Minnesota, is the city of Duluth. Third in size to only Minneapolis and St. Paul, Duluth has plenty to offer on the shores of Lake Superior. Besides being located in a wonderfully picturesque setting, Duluth offers a range of attractions from winter skiing to casino gambling. Visit the Glensheen Estate for sweeping views of Lake Superior, or take the family to the Great Lakes Aquarium. Duluth is prime for a visit at any time of the year, and the Duluth MN hotels present some intriguing selections. One of the more interesting Duluth MN hotels would have to be Fitgers Inn and Brewery. Yes, the Duluth MN hotels have a brewery as one of their choices. When booking your stay in this great state, you can often find online deals for budget hotels in Minnesota. For those looking outside the budget hotels in Minnesota and the chain hotels, there are plenty of elegant, charming and luxurious accommodations all about. However you want your Minnesota accommodations, with a little looking, you are sure to find the ideal match.

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