Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest fairs in the nation. Thousands of visitors flock to St Paul for a host of fun events and activities. Touted as "The Great Minnesota Get Together" the Minnesota State Fairgrounds is where the events are held, adjacent to the University of Minnesota's St Paul campus in Falcon Heights. Livestock exhibits, art work, delicious food and more are all part of the festivities that cover a twelve-day period from later August through to September. Labor Day marks the last day of the event each year.

Minnesota State Fair history dates back to 1854 when simple celebrations first began. The twelve days of this event leave ample time to explore the events and exhibitions around the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This event can take a few days to discover in its entirety so make sure to leave a large time slot open! For daily schedules you can visit the State Fair website and get a detailed itinerary of events to make a plan for things to do.

One of the most unusual Minnesota State Fair events is an all-you-can-drink milk stand. A bottomless glass of milk is provided for less then a dollar and you can get refill after refill to wash down your favorite fair food. The Midway is the favored spot on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for many people. Exciting and extreme rides are showcased at the Midway. The Kidway is better suited for younger children. The Adventure Park includes a ride called the Ejection Seat which flings riders through the air at mock speed while still attached to several bungee cords! The screams resonate as rider after rider jumps on for thrills.

Top entertainers performers at daily Minnesota State Fair events putting on concerts on the free stage. The daily parade showcases a marching band around a fourteen-block circuit and includes animals, special floats and visiting members. At the Warner Coliseum on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds there are a number of events such as bull riding and exciting rodeos. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police put on their famous Musical Ride during the fair featuring 32 riders and horses in a choreographed ensemble.

There are a mind-boggling number of fun competitions held each year at the fair. Minnesota Fair events in this category include a talent show, live stock shows of every variety, needlework and canning competitions. The Ag-Hort-Bee is another event that features competitions in different categories such as farm crops, vegetable and potatoes and flowers. This is a great event for the farming community as well as for visitors who want to learn more about their communities talents.

Eating fair food is another of the most popular Minnesota Fair events! Who doesn't love hearty fair food? Food-on-a-stick is the most popular theme at the fair, and great for wandering around the fair without a messy plate to deal with. Pancake wrapped sausages, gyros, scones, cotton candy, batter-dipped fruit and caramel apples are only a few of the delicious treats available.

At the Minnesota State Fair no one takes anything too seriously. It's a time to strengthen community ties and learn more about farming and animal rearing through amusing and interactive events and exhibits. Easy to get to from Minneapolis and Bloomington, the state fair offers some time out of the big cities to get back in touch with the more simple things in life.

Fair Fever hits people hard so be sure to book your Minneapolis hotels far in advance. St Paul hotels are virtually impossible to secure unless you plan well ahead. If you need a break from the rural fun of the Minnesota State Fair, take the short drive to Bloomington and hit the Mall of America for world-class shopping experiences. Or simply relax by Lake Calhoun, which sees quieter days when the fair is in full swing and much of the Minneapolis population seems to shift to its twin city.

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