The Park at Mall of America

The Mall of America is the largest attraction in Bloomington attracting thousands of people wanting to get in on the shopping action. Encompassing more then four million square feet every, there so many stores it's hard to know where to start! The choice in things to do inside the colossal mall surpasses many other attractions near Minneapolis and sees a frenzy of people pass up time outdoors for a world-class shopping experience.

There is more to life than shopping. The investors in the Mall of America are keenly aware that entertainment is the cornerstone in keeping the interest alive. At the Mall of America Minnesota attractions include the Mall of America Waterpark. The waterpark is the largest and most exciting indoor water park in the nation offering plenty of things to do. Adjacent to the famous mall, the Mall of America Waterpark has thrilled people of all ages. Attractions inside include the Lake Superior Wave Pool, the Flow Rider Surf Simulator, and the longest indoor raft ride flowing more then a mile at ten stories high!

The Radisson Hotel Bloomington is where you can find a great Mall of America vacation package if you're planning on spending time with your family at the park. The hotel lies next to the Mall of America and the park. At the Grand Lodge Hotel, adjacent to the park, a Mall of America vacation package can also be found. When you stay at either of these Bloomington hotels you'll receive a pass, per person, to the Mall of America Waterpark as well as transportation to and from the venue. The hotels are the closest to the waterpark but you can find a great Mall of America vacation packages from many nearby hotels. Make sure to inquire when booking your hotel.

The Mall of America Waterpark isn't only for children. While the kids are off enjoying the many park rides, adults can relax at the Trillium Spa. Professional staff will guide you through a tranquil journey of treatments while the kids splish and splash the day away.

After a day of fun indulge in a delicious meal at one of restaurants indoors. The Split Rock Grill serves up the finest in seafood, steaks and pizzas and features terrific happy hour deals. For casual dining Camp Many Point offers a camp-style food like sandwiches and pizza as well as many other kid-friendly choices.

The activity of choice, of course, is shopping when waiting fo r the kids. At the Mall of America Minnesota stores and international chains offer some of the best deals and latest retail options in the nation. Four levels of top notch shopping opportunities are available for one of the most memorable shopping trips you'll ever take!

Inside the Mall of America Minnesota attractions complete the Mall of America experience. A host of entertainment can be found for kids such as the underground aquarium and a large mini golf area. Pair the Mall of America with the waterpark and you'll find endless activities to choose from, enough to fill up many days with excitement and fun!

When you've completed your tour of the Mall of America Minnesota attractions nearby offer more choices for sightseeing and entertainment. Visit the Metrodome and take in a fast-paced Minnesota Twins' game, rent paddle boats and explore the shoreline of Lake Calhoun, or visit St Paul and take in the sights there. The Mall of America may be the starting point for many but the fun doesn't end there.

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