Flights to Mississippi

Sorting out a flight to Mississippi is likely the most time consuming part of travel to the state unless you are employing a travel agent for help. Air travel has taken a whole new turn with many travelers opting to find their own flights when planning a trip. The first thing to do is determine the time of year you would like to visit. Mississippi's climate is a humid and subtropical one. Some say the best time to visit is the summer. If planning on spending time outdoors doing some Mississippi camping or fishing this is indeed the best time for looking into airline fares Mississippi airlines offer.

When looking for airline fares Mississippi major airports are likely the best places to fly in to. Jackson International Airport is one of the most popular for arrivals being the capital of the state.

When looking for flights to Mississippi online make sure to look at exactly what the booking fees entail. Sometimes you will find a travel site selling tickets to different airports in Mississippi but make sure to check the costs of booking directly with the airlines as sometimes you can save quite a bit. If you have decided to book your own flight don't discount talking to a travel agent as a last step before you finalize the deal. Travel agents often buy bulk tickets and sometimes you can find these at a pretty good deal, especially on international flights.

The most popular flights arriving at Jackson International are from San Diego, Washington DC, Seattle, Sacramento and Salt Lake City. Due to their popularity it might be easier to find discount airline fares Mississippi airlines offer. The JAN Airport airlines offer non-stop transportation daily to eleven cities through eight different airlines. Delta Connection, American Eagle, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines and U.S. Airways are few of the airlines serving JAN Airport. Regular flights from Sacramento are cheaper on a daily basis then the other popular cities. Expect to pay roughly $300.00 for a flight to Jackson International from Sacramento and about $400.00 for a return flight from the other popular cites. Make sure to check all prices and taxes.

Jackson International is a modern facility that offers many amenities for travelers. Restaurants, bars, gift shops and other specialty stores can all be found here. Ground transport is also offer via taxi service, airport shuttles to Jackson hotels, limousines and rental cars at the JAN airport. If booking a package deal inquire about rental car services as well as you can often save a significant amount off a weekend or weekly fee.

Other popular airports in Mississippi include Gulfport/Biloxi where domestic flights can be found between $200.00 and $400.00 from many major U.S. cities. This flight plan is popular because of the many Biloxi casinos and other Mississippi casinos found along the Gulf Coast. Gaming is one of the most popular things to do in Mississippi. If you're planning on visiting casinos make sure to check out the Stay and Play packages most casinos offer.

The bigger casinos will often offer flight and hotel packages to airports in Mississippi where guests will save on both amenities. Airline fares Mississippi casinos offer in their packages can often provide some of the biggest savings for transportation.. Airports in Mississippi popular for flying into with Stay and Play packages include the Tunica airport as there are many Tunica casinos offering flights to Mississippi for a significant savings.

Flights to Mississippi are convenient and fairly short from most U.S. hubs. Though Jackson International is the most popular northern airport there is another option in Tupelo. Tupelo Airport most popular flights fly in via Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati and Denver and you may find good deals there if planning a visit to the north. Whether choosing north or south Mississippi as your holiday playground the great variety of attractions in sights in the state will provide a fun and fulfilling vacation getaway.

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