Mississippi Restaurants

The history of food in Mississippi goes far back to the first French fur traders who sought to share food with the Native Indians, the very first settlers. Comprised of a mush-like texture, the food the Indians ate was made mainly from brier root ground up along with wild game and fish. Early French brides arriving in Mississippi learned quickly about the other types of Mississippi state food they could use. Wild herbs, Red Fish and green peppers were used as the base for soups and stews. Onions, celery, some parsley, carrots and okra were also fairly readily available.

Dining in Mississippi has changed over the years and what has been predominantly available at different times set the standard for dining in Mississippi in terms of what types of dishes were served. In current day Mississippi state food is celebrated through many different events such as fairs and festivals throughout the year. Mississippi restaurants, recipes, gourmet specialties, and cooking schools all showcase the authentic tastes of Mississippi state food.

Many a Mississippi restaurant will highlight the favorite foods of the state's people in their menus such as crusty cornbread, fresh vegetables straight from the farm and who could forget, crispy fried chicken, the most loved southern-style food. Fried catfish, hushpuppies, steaks and tamales also add a distinct element to Mississippi state food. A typical Mississippi restaurant will also offer shrimp, boiled crawfish and crab.

Food in Mississippi comes in a variety from roadside burger joints to the most elegant of fine dining. Old fashion barbeque and casual eats are found along most roadsides in the state.. Home cooking is something you'll find in many a Mississippi restaurant and the tried and true old fashion southern recipes along with biscuits and gravy are favorites. The Gulf Coast offers a wealth more options in Mississippi food with a distinct seafood twist. Festivals, events and restaurants serve up the finest of fresh shrimp, fish and oyster dishes in the world. With the many activities offered along the coastline visitors work up ravenous appetites by the shore. If planning on a Mississippi fishing charter trip you may even catch your own dinner for the evening!

For fine dining in Mississippi the best places to look are in central Mississippi and more cosmopolitan cities such as Jackson and Biloxi where dining is just one of the many things to do. Jackson is quite famous for its celebrated chefs cooking everything from gourmet meals to mom's down-home cooking. For a great example of culinary excellence head over to the Mississippi restaurant “Bravo!” in Jackson. Blending Southern and Italian ingredients in one-of-a-kind dishes such as andouille and crawfish, the wine list is long and full of excellent wines to pair with any dish.

With more and more world class Mississippi casinos opening a Mississippi restaurant is a favored addition and is often one of the top highlights of the facility. The Imperial Palace in Biloxi has ten restaurants inside the complex! Try "32" for exquisite dishes such as Prime Rib or Filet Mignon. For a hip, urban experience head over to the Hard Rock Biloxi and try some of the best fusion food in Mississippi. A colorful atmosphere is defined by a well designed circular bar with very intimate dinner seating flanking it from behind. Exceptional dishes along with wonderful wines, cocktails and a large variety of cigars are available.

Dining in Mississippi is equal parts comfort food, fine dining and especially passion. Dining in Mississippi will show off the many sides of the state. Small country towns, big city lights and everything in between is represented in the different styles of cooking. When planning a trip to the state Mississippi food will be waiting, just make sure you bring your appetite along!

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