Meridian Mississippi

Meridian Mississippi is located near the border of Alabama close to where Routes 20 and 59 intersect. Jackson Mississippi is about 60 miles due west and Montgomery Alabama is just about an hour and a half due east. The population within the city limits is just shy of 40,000 people, but closer to a quarter million live within a 50-mile radius of the city. The area is notable for having been a major transit hub for goods during the Civil War and for offering guests opportunities to explore history and culture as well as enjoy rest and relaxation.

Meridian has deep roots in the Civil War. One of the most momentous, albeit destructive, events in the history of Meridian was the invasion of General William Tecumseh Sherman. This onslaught has been dubbed the Battle of Meridian. Amazingly, it took less than one month for the city’s railways to begin working once again and the city enjoyed an all-out growth boom for about a 30-year period in between the 1880s and 1910. Many of the buildings and landmarks that remain today were constructed during this time of growth and renewal.

Nowadays, guests of Meridian can enjoy nine distinct historic districts to get a feel for the history of the state and of this town. The East End Historic District, the Meridian Downtown Historic District, and the Union Station Historic District all offer compelling glimpses into the cultural past of this city, and in many ways, the Deep South. One of the best parts of exploring Meridian is witnessing the diversity of architectural conventions that are on display. The historic districts offer opportunities to see buildings in the style of the Colonial Revival, Art Deco, and Late Victorian, among others. The Meridian City Hall is one of the most impressive buildings in the city, boasting a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

And Meridian Mississippi has more to offer its residents and guests than just a trip down memory lane. Rather, there are countless outdoors things to do that can be enjoyed in the abundant state forestland, hills, creeks, and lakes. The humid subtropical climate of Meridian makes it possible to enjoy these and many more activities for a good portion of the year. The greatest concentration of lakes and forestland can be located in the northernmost and southernmost parts of the city. Magnolia Creek, Shearer’s Beach, and Robin’s Creek are just a few of the places where people enjoy the outdoors in Meridian.

There are also plenty of places to enjoy art, entertainment, dining, and shopping in this city. As you might imagine, many of the dining establishments play on the heritage and tradition of the city, while you will just as easily be able to find a range of fine dining establishments, wine bars, and other such places.

Finding Meridian Mississippi hotels should also not be a problem, as there are a wide variety of guest accommodations located in and around the area. It is possible to find hotels on the nice end of the spectrum as well as budget accommodations like motels and campgrounds. Bienville National Forest and Tombigbee National Forest are two places with very close proximity of Meridian where you can enjoy everything from camping and hiking to boating and fishing.

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