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In Mississippi one of the most fun things to do is take to jump on one of the great Mississippi river tours and take a sightseeing trip down the famous old waterway. This is one of the best and most interesting ways to take a tour of Mississippi's banks and gain some insight into the state's rich culture and history. The variety of Mississippi riverboat tours ensures that everyone has an appealing option to choose from.

When in Biloxi you can take a 70-minute shrimping tour of Mississippi and discover the many creatures living in the waters. Heading out from Biloxi guests will set sail to Deer Island and back. This Mississippi boat tour allows guests to try shrimping firsthand! Learn how the shrimping industry works, where the best shrimping spots are and how daily operations ensure that fresh shrimp are available for dining at restaurants. The Captain of this Mississippi boat tour will aid shrimpers in identifying all their catches in this great hands-on experience.

Another of the excellent Mississippi river tours is the amphibious bus tours that leave from the Biloxi area. It's a sea and land tour offering a historical way to see both terrains on a tour of the Mississippi. Lots of history and ecological information is provided through an informative and comical narration for all ages. This is one of the most fun ways to see the water with the bonus of viewing points of interest on land in the area. The best part is when the bus leaves land for water!

Mississippi river boat tours are also available when visiting Vicksburg. Sweet Olive is fully enclosed with big windows offering panoramic views during the Mississippi boat tour. Daily tours and sunset cruises are offered over a one and half hour trip. During the sunset Mississippi river boat tours visitors will hear a narrated version of the history of the river and the area as the sun sets and creates a beautiful backdrop. During the colder months visitors will enjoy Mississippi river tours in the fully heated vessel for added comfort. Rates for both tours range from $5.00 to $18.00 depending on age.

Mississippi river tours are one of the most popular ways to explore the main artery of the state. Running from Minnesota all the way to Louisiana the Mississippi River is the longest river in the world and its historical value does not go unnoticed. Luxury Mississippi river cruises offer a more elegant way to see the river when opting for more than a day trip or for a more casual affair Mississippi river boat tours offer visitors a chance to see the river during a fun day trip.

When feeling more ambitious another great way to experience all the Mississippi River offers is through a fun and exciting kayak or canoe tour. Both beginners and experienced canoers and kayakers can enjoy an almost 11 mile guided trip down the river or opt for a shorter paddle. Overnight Mississippi camping trips can also be arranged for those interested in spending a night or two along the riverbanks. Different companies offering Mississippi river tours can easily be found through visitor centers in Gulfport or Biloxi or through your hotel.

Without a doubt the Mississippi is America's greatest river. Major physical and economical growth has flourished along its banks and waterway. Great importance is emphasized on the river as it has long been the biggest contributor for transportation for the always growing commerce along the river. The economics of many of the cities and towns located along the Mississippi would forever be different without it. Mark Twain was once quoted as saying that the river is a "wonderful book (with) a new story to tell every day." and this couldn't be more true.

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