Stennis Space Center

Staring up at the beautiful Mississippi night sky makes many wonder what exactly goes on up there. Shooting stars, bright objects and the dark backdrop of the universe itself is a mystifying thing. For those who's interests lie in the stars above and space travel make sure not to miss a tour of Stennis Space Center west of Gulfport. Stennis Space Center is one of the ten NASA field centers in the nation. It's the leading center for flight certification and testing of rocket propulsion systems used in space travel.

Stennis Space Center Mississippi history dates back all the way to 1699. The region was once home to soldiers, pirates, settlers and Indians and is now home to modern-day pioneers working on the most advanced space transportation. The federal government made a major announcement back in 1961. Hancock County was chosen to be the new static test site for launch instruments which were going to be used in the Apollo project. This entailed the biggest construction assignment in the state and at the time it was the second largest in the entire country. Stennis Space Center was underway.

Four decades has seen every type of rocket propulsion test known to man so far and many are fascinated with the idea of what daily jobs are like in the facility. The Stennis Space Center Mississippi visitors facility is known as StenniSphere. Thrilling new stage shows, exhibits and displays can be seen throughout the complex when on a tour of Stennis Space Center. When visitors take the tour they can jump onboard of the International Space Station, see what it's like to land a space shuttle or test the main engine! Note that due to the important and often confidential work done by the facility visitors 18 and older must present a valid passport.

An exciting aspect to the Stennis Space Center is that they offer Scouts and Girl Scouts an opportunity to visit the center, see how astronauts live and work in space and earn partial requirements for their Space Exploration Badges. Astro Camp is another exciting part of the Stennis Space Center Mississippi experience. Things to do at the camp include computer learning, interactive activities, Listening to presentations from Stennis scientists and engineers and attending exciting onsite field trips.

Take a tour of Stennis Space Center starting at the Launch Pad located at the Welcome Center in Hancock 45 minutes west of Biloxi. Walk underneath the Lunar Lander which is from the Apollo era. At the Launch Pad you can see interesting exhibits and videos of important events before hopping onboard the shuttle to Stennis Space Center StennisSphere. Following is a narrated tour throughout the 125,000 acre acoustic safe zone to the test complex where the testing of the main engines happens. 14,000 square feet encompasses spacecraft models, rocket engines, excellent entertaining and educational presentations, Gulf of Mexico environmental exhibits and much more.

Once outside there are numerous awesome exhibits to check out. A unique opportunity awaits as to get up close and personal with different rockets and to discover things such as the Learjet used in real NASA programs, the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster, the Saturn V Moon Rocket and more. At the Test Control Center you can become a test conductor of rockets! You can even try a test fire! In a replica of the Space Shuttles cockpit you can try your hand at landing the massive vehicle. Many more exciting exhibits await for a fun day at the Stennis Space Center.

To make a full day of your visit try out one of the Mississippi casinos along the Gulf Coast and get ready to play for a huge jackpot! Biloxi casinos offer hotel accommodations, great dining and excellent entertainment if opting to spend the night. If gaming isn't your style there are many Biloxi hotels offering fantastic amenities and close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mississippi. There is plenty to do in the area and a visit to the Stennis Space Center leaves a great opportunity to explore more of the southern region.

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