Missouri is located in the Midwest, between Kansas and Illinois, north of Arkansas, and south of Iowa. Missouri vacations can include all kinds of activities, including outdoor pursuits and indoor shows and entertainment. Missouri travel can be conducted by car along the famous Route 66 by visiting Springfield or St. Louis, or Missouri travel can be conducted by airplane. Known as the “Show Me State”, the state of Missouri is beloved by its residents and can be a fun place to visit.

Many Missouri vacations take place in the city of St. Louis. St. Louis is one of the largest cities in the state of Missouri and a great place for Missouri travel. Missouri vacations to Missouri offer trips to see some of the state of Missouri’s most popular attractions. The Gateway Arch, St. Louis Zoo, Busch Stadium, Missouri Botanical Gardens, and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery are all found in St. Louis. While some travelers choose to stay in St. Louis hotels during their Missouri vacations, other travelers choose to stay in nearby historic St. Charles for their Missouri vacations. St. Charles hotels are often historic choices.

Another place for Missouri tourism is the city of Branson. Branson Missouri is located in the Ozark Mountains, and Missouri tourism here keeps the economy running year round. The famous Branson music shows can be enjoyed here in Branson, with everything from country music standards to modern favorites. Missouri tourism in Branson also centers on Silver Dollar City, a theme park which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Three pristine lakes are also located near the city of Branson, and Branson vacation rentals, lake cabins and condo rentals are increasingly popular ways for Missouri residents and visitors to spend a week or an entire summer.

Kansas City is yet another large and popular spot for Missouri tourism. Kansas City is home to the Country Club Plaza shopping center, where guests can shop and dine to their heart’s content. Kansas City is also a great place to gamble and enjoy the Missouri nightlife, and still boasts one of the Midwest’s largest jazz scenes. Kansas City hotels are a good choice for travelers on business as well as travelers strolling through town for the fun of it.

Although the state of Missouri is land bound and tucked away in the middle of the nation, it has long been an important part of life in the United States. Missouri was once a key stop for pioneers and wagon trails and they prepared to head out west, as well as the last stop for Lewis and Clark before their big adventure to find the Pacific Ocean. Daniel Boone and his family also made Missouri home, and a number of memorials and museums commemorating all of these important events can be visited on Missouri vacations. Although the state is considered to be somewhat spread out, travel is convenient by car between cities, and in the larger cities there is reliable public transportation.

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