Flights to St Louis

If you are planning a flight to St. Louis, you will be flying into Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, which is the only St. Louis airport. St. Louis flights come from all over the United States and from outside the country and it is possible to find a cheap flight to St. Louis if your travel plans are somewhat flexible. You can also package your flight to St. Louis with your rental car or hotel accommodation to try and get the best deal on all three.

Multiple airlines offer St. Louis flights, including Delta and other major Midwest carriers. To find the best deals on a flight to St. Louis, try scheduling your flight St. Louis flights on a weekday, preferably a Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday in particular is a major day for business flights, as many business travelers fly on this day to take advantage of lower rates.

Another way to find a cheap flight to St. Louis is by booking your flight during the wee hours of the night. Commonly referred to as “red-eye” flights due to the color of your bloodshot eyes after flying all night, late night and early morning flights are a good way to take advantage of a cheap flight to St. Louis. Some travelers schedule these flights and then sleep as they journey, cleverly saving time and money all at once.

Once you’ve arrived at the St. Louis airport, you will likely need to find transportation to help you leave the airport and get to an attraction or your hotel. The St. Louis airport is large, but it isn’t overwhelming like Chicago or New York airports. If you haven’t planned to rent a car or have someone pick you up at the airport, there are still some good options for getting out of the St. Louis airport and on to your vacation or business trip. If your hotel does not offer shuttle service to and from the airport, there are a number of shuttle buses that offer rides for a fee. The cost of these shuttle buses is often less than the cost of a taxi, but will almost always take longer than a taxi to get to your final destination. If time is not a factor and you want to save some money, you can also hop on the St. Louis MetroLink. The MetroLink is the public transportation system of St. Louis and offers the cheapest, if not the fastest, transportation from the airport to any destination.

Travelers flying within the United States won’t need any special identification apart from a picture ID and boarding pass. Do leave time for extra security checks, and wear shoes that can be easily slipped off to save time and hassle when going through security. Also, note that new rules surrounding flying require that passengers not bring liquids or gels in their carry-on bags that exceed the 3-ounce limit. Even these smaller amounts of liquids must be in a clear plastic bag; otherwise you will risk having these items thrown away.

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