Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium is one football arena that has stood the test of time. Home to the Kansas City Chiefs football team, Arrowhead Stadium first opened its doors in 1972. Compared with other stadiums from this era, Arrowhead continues to be an excellent sports venue for both collegiate and NFL football. The stadium itself and devoted football fans make Arrowhead Stadium tickets a hot commodity, and especially for the big games, you’ll want to purchase yours ahead of time. If you’re just visiting Kansas City for a game, there are hotels near Arrowhead Stadium that are close and convenient. If you’re looking to plan an outing to a stadium that is consistently sold out and known for its atmosphere, look no further than Arrowhead.

Arrowhead Stadium tickets range from $30 for upper level seats to $145 for field-level tickets. If you are purchasing tickets secondhand, expect prices to be even higher. Packages are also available, including tickets for the entire season. Groups looking for discounts should call the box office for more information. Arrowhead Stadium tickets are also available over the phone and internet, so if you’re looking for tickets to an important sold-out game, you can find out about ways for ticket-holders to get in touch with eager fans.

Excitement on game days often begins three and a half hours before the game begins when the gates of the stadium open. If you’re traveling to the stadium from the Kansas City International Airport, take Interstate 29 to 35 to 70 and exit at Blue Ridge. Parking for a single car costs approximately $22, and be sure to arrival early and be prepared to tailgate. You’re sure to see plenty of sports fans with barbecues, coolers, and music enjoying the hours leading up to the game. A major contributing factor to the atmosphere of the stadium is allowing the anticipation of the fans to grow during these pre-game festivities.

Whether you’re traveling to see the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs or to catch a college football game, hotels near Arrowhead Stadium will make attending the game simple. With more than 50 choices for hotels near Arrowhead Stadium, it is up to the individual traveler to choose accommodation based on price range and other factors. The Holiday Inn Sports Complex is a popular choice because it is walking distance to the stadium and also offers the convenience of a swimming pool. If you want to be walking distance from the stadium, be sure to make your reservations in advance.

Passionate fans are part of what makes the environment at Arrowhead so exciting. You’ll soon forget what the hype of fancy modern stadiums is all about when you step through the doors of the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Join the other almost 80,000 fans who attend each match to cheer on the home team. What Arrowhead Stadium lacks in contemporary amenities (for instance, you won’t find a fancy restaurant here) it makes up for in atmosphere, and visiting is one of the best things to do in Kansas City. Whatever you do, don’t skip the tailgate, as this is an essential aspect of any day spent cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, the Royals, or your college team.

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium is one football arena that has stood the test of time. Home...

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