Branson Airport

The first passengers ever to arrive at the brand new Branson Missouri Airport were greeted by a welcoming Ozark-style design with rich wood accents exuding a cozy atmosphere rather than a commercial feel. Arriving from Minneapolis-St. Paul, the flight touched down at 9 a.m. on May 14, 2009, following much media attention. Marking the occasion was the presentation of gift bags for all passengers from the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. The ceremony—complete with a ribbon-cutting service—marked the special opening and was carried out at the Branson Airport gate area. The new facility impressed passengers and airline employees alike, who were honored to be part of the inauguration.

The Branson Missouri Airport, developed and operated privately, is the first private commercial service airport of its kind in the United States. Situated in the Midwest, driving directions to Branson Airport are easy to follow, making it convenient to reach from anywhere in the state and surrounding area. The city of Branson is a popular tourist destination within the US and is well-known for Vegas-style shows, many special events, and a host of other fun things to do. Daily nonstop flights are offered to numerous destinations. One of the initial connecting flights offered at the Branson Airport whisks passengers to Milwaukee, where connections to New York City, Baltimore, Atlanta, Orlando, Boston, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are available.

The Branson Missouri Airport also offers travelers numerous on-site amenities including dining, car rentals on-site, and shopping. The Branson Airport is noted as a state-of-the-art airport facility that will focus on offering the best possible travel experience to all passengers. The facility is expected to increase tourism, attracting scores of visitors to the city and its attractions. With driving directions to Branson Airport easy to follow from all major cities within the state, tourists are offered a hassle-free vacation in a state popular for its beautiful lakes, great vacation rentals, theme parks, and easy access to famous Route 66.

With many of Branson's historic hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals concentrated near the city's entertainment district, which is a short drive from the airport, the easy-to-follow driving directions to Branson Airport make Branson vacations even more relaxing. Less than six miles separate the airport from the popular district, making arrivals and departures a breeze. Visitors staying in the city's southern region near Branson Creek will find driving directions equally accommodating. With the airport based so close to the city's main attractions, visitors will be able to drive less and maximize vacation time.

There is a host of excellent Missouri vacation packages that include airlines to Missouri landing at the Branson Airport, making a Missouri vacation affordable and convenient. The modern take on the airport's design, as well as the great connecting services and excellent location, make Branson Airport one of the finest in the region. With established connections to more than 50 destinations via nonstop flight service to Milwaukee and Atlanta, the Branson Missouri Airport is sure to be a celebrated addition to airports within the United States. As air travel continues to hold strong, Branson Airport makes a leap onto the lengthy list of excellent airports in the United States.

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