Branson Belle

The Branson Belle is one of the many popular options for shows in Branson Missouri, featuring live entertainment and multiple-course meals that hearken back to the famous showboats that cruised the Mississippi River in the 1800s. The Branson Belle is a paddle-boat modeled after the authentic historic showboats, and patrons can choose seats either in the theater itself, or in secluded window seats overlooking the boat's distinctive paddle.

Built on the shores of Table Rock Lake, just outside the city itself, the launch of this Branson showboat was a unique and amusing story. Wanting to preserve the quality of the lake water during the 1994 boat launch, Branson inhabitants decided not to use oils and chemicals to lubricate the launch rails, lining them instead with hundreds of bananas. This eco-friendly lubricant became famous nationwide, with the event being christened the Great Banana Launch Watch Party.

Guests who buy Branson Belle tickets will find themselves entertained with music, dancing, and comedy as they enjoy their meal on this Branson showboat. Both noon and evening meals are served, with accompanying entertainment for a two-hour show. During the evening, you can choose between the 4 pm show and the 8 pm show. Guests can choose to sit in one of the theater's three decks and will pick their dishes from the Branson Belle's menu. For slightly more expensive Branson Belle tickets, patrons can get the best seats in the house and order from the Paddle Room Club menu, which offers more elegant dining. You can also choose to sit in a secluded dining room in the Paddle Room Club, and then join the others in the theater after your meal. Children can obtain Branson Belle tickets for half-price, and children's meals are available.

Upon your arrival on the boat, you will have your picture snapped, and you have the option to purchase this souvenir picture later if you wish. After the show, you will have the chance to explore this Branson showboat, and admire the view of beautiful Table Rock Lake, as well as the Ozark Mountains, from the decks of the boat before it docks. The Branson Belle is a large boat, seating about 700 guests, and the waters are very calm, and guests usually do not suffer from seasickness.

You can get to the Branson Belle from White River Landing, on the shore of Table Rock Lake. Parking is available, and there are a few shops at the dock where you can purchase some memorabilia about the Branson Belle Showboat. The dock is also a good place to take a stroll and enjoy the beauty of Table Rock Lake, as there are some good walkways here for tourists.

The Branson Belle is in operation for most of the year, except for the coldest months of January to mid-March. Tickets are available for sale on the Branson Belle website. If it's your birthday, you're in luck! Ride free on the Branson Belle and enjoy the show on your birthday, with valid photo identification. Branson is known for its great entertainment, and in addition to attending one of the variety shows or a performance by Andy Williams, riding the Belle is a unique way to take in this Southern destination.

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