Castle of Chaos Branson

The Castle of Chaos Branson is a must-see attraction for haunted house enthusiasts. The Castle of Chaos haunted house is more than just your traditional haunted house walk-through. Instead, it combines 3D film projection technology, with interactive features such as moving seats, spooky odors, tactile sensations, and a laser-tag-like feature where patrons can shoot monsters with laser guns. Castle of Chaos Branson is sure to please video gamers and zombie fans, young and old alike. In fact, the haunted castle is one of the top kids attractions for children as young as 5 up to adults. Be cautious, though, as it can certainly be scary for young children!

The exterior of the attraction is designed to look like a real castle, turrets and all. The story begins with the 1920s horror film actress, Carli Winnepeg, and her film crew as they start filming a horror movie called Castle of Chaos in an ancient castle. Somehow, the entire crew and actors disappear, leaving behind only an enigmatic film reel of shadows and screams. The castle lay abandoned for many years, amid rumors that it was haunted. The guests who enter the Castle of Chaos haunted house are challenged to figure out what happened to the film crew.

Strapped into a moving seat, patrons of Castle of Chaos Branson view impressive 3D effects, while the chairs spin and shake in conjunction with events taking place during the ride. Creatures of the netherworld appear to be flying straight for your face as you watch the nightmare unfold. Be prepared for unknown things grabbing you from behind, and "bugs" running up and down your legs in the tactile portion of this interactive adventure. Smoke effects bring a whiff of something unsavory—something undead, perhaps? Meanwhile, a laser gun allows guests to shoot at the monsters appearing all around, with a point scoring system awarding the top scorers at the end.

Young people with an interest in video games should find the interactive portion of the Castle of Chaos Haunted House entertaining, as they compete to shoot the most zombies. However, some children could find it disturbing, especially unexpected effects such as things flying towards guests, or touching their legs. Parents should use their discretion in choosing Branson kids attractions like these, as they may be great for teenagers but too scary for the younger kids, who would be happier at a family-friend attraction like Silver Dollar City or Kids Kountry.

The Castle of Chaos is open from 8am to midnight 365 days of the year. Billed as the world's first 5D interactive haunted experience, it is one of the top attractions for zombie-lovers and haunted house fans. You can buy individual tickets, or a VIP pass that admits you into the Castle as well as nearby Branson kids attractions like the Maze of Mirrors and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

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