Magnificent Variety Show Branson

Show Type:
Variety Show

The Branson Exhibition Center Theatre
Home of Diana, The People’s Princess
3950 Green Mountain Drive
Branson, MO. 65616

Show Description:
Are you having a hard time committing to one type of show during a visit to Branson? The answer is a variety show, where you will enjoy all the pleasures of many different kinds of show during one evening at the theater. One of the most popular in town is the Magnificent Variety Show Branson. This show features hit songs derived from over seven decades, including Broadway classics, jazz, country, swing, pop, and more. Dance numbers, incredible costumes, and comedy sketches all keep the fun coming throughout the night. A full band is the finishing cherry on top to a production that showcases the best of dancing, singing, and comedy. These shows in Branson are great value tickets—you get to see a lot of different things for the price of one ticket!

The nonstop action of the Magnificent Variety Show is part of what makes this such a popular choice. This family-friendly production will keep even kids with the shortest attention span engrossed in the singing and dancing on stage. It can be difficult for families to find shows that are satisfying for all ages. Variety shows in Branson are definitely the best direction to take for families or large groups with different interests. Prepare to be amazed by more than 300 costume changes, Big Band Swing numbers, and talented musicians and dancers during the Magnificent Variety Show.

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