New Shanghai Circus

Show Type:
Variety Show

Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus
New Shanghai Theatre
645 State Highway 165

Show Description:
If you’re looking for an exotic show to see during your trip to Branson, check out the New Shanghai Circus. Coming all the way from China, this circus group has been delighting audiences with agility, flexibility, dance, trapeze, and more. While there are other variety shows in Branson, no others feature this type of performance. The Branson acrobats of China are a great show for families who can’t agree on a type of music for a concert. This impressive show has a magical quality to it, and with every sequence of steps, from the lion dance to jar juggling to hoop diving you will impressed with each performer. For an exciting addition to your trip to Branson, be sure to reserve tickets for the New Shanghai Circus.

The base ticket prices are roughly the same as other Branson shows, and the New Shanghai Circus also has a New Years performance with slightly higher ticket prices. If you want to watch the Branson Acrobats of China for your New Years celebration this year, be sure to book your tickets in advance. Children under the age of 5 are admitted for free. The New Shanghai Theatre is one of the newer theaters in Branson, promising a high level of comfort during the performance. More than 40 talented performers will transport you to the other side of the globe with this exotic and impressive event.

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