Keith Allen Redneckers

Show Type:
Variety Show

Branson Star Theater
3750 West 76 Country Boulevard
Branson, MO 65616

Show Description:
The Keith Allen Redneckers Show is a different type of variety show. This version is described as a "redneck treat" filled with country music, comedy, storytelling, and more. The heart of the Redneckers Show Branson is of course Keith Allen himself. This talented musician and storyteller has created a show that will usher you through a wide range of emotions over the course of two hours. Be prepared to laugh at the hillbilly antics on stage, swoon over classic country hits, and long for the easy days of your childhood during the storytelling segments. If you’re looking for a family-friendly show that will not only keep the kids entertained but also satisfy an adult theater craving, then choosing the Keith Allen show is a great choice.

You will meet a variety of characters when you see the Keith Allen Redneckers show. On stage with Keith Allen you will meet his fellow ‘redneckers’ that serve as comedians and performers. Themes in the show, other than redneck fun, include patriotism and gospel music. If you have a love for country, Redneckers Show Branson will satisfy your urge to hear some live music. These variety shows in Branson keep the attention of the audience with a unique combination of music, comedy, and storytelling.

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