Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City is a popular theme park located in the city of Branson Missouri. Silver Dollar City started as a maze of underground caves known as Marvel Cave, and although visitors to Silver Dollar City Missouri can still take a tour of the caves, the Silver Dollar City theme park has grown to include much more.

Silver Dollar City Missouri is open 9:30 am – 7 pm daily from May until September, and throughout the rest of the year is open Wednesday through Sunday. The park has numerous rides and sections, including both rides that involve water and rides that do not. Lost River of the Ozarks, the Grand Exposition Coaster, Fire in the Hole (a roller coaster), and Powder Keg (a steel roller coaster) are some of Silver Dollar City Missouri’s most popular rides, though of course there are many more. Silver Dollar City also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, including the Nickelodeon Kids Fest in the summer and the Ozark Mountain Christmas Festival in the late fall.

Although there are a number of rides and festivals to attract guests, the park’s most famous attraction is actually its first attraction; Marvel Cave. Marvel Cave is responsible for the origins of Silver Dollar City Missouri, and has been bringing guests searching for Silver Dollar City tickets since the early 1900’s. This long run as a theme park makes Silver Dollar City Missouri one of the oldest theme parks in the nation that is still operational.

To find Silver Dollar City tickets, travelers may go online or purchase tickets in person at the theme park. Silver Dollar City tickets can not only be purchased online, but travelers who do so may also print out their Silver Dollar City tickets at home; saving time waiting in line and eliminating time spent waiting for Silver Dollar City tickets in the mail.

When booking a trip to Silver Dollar City, many travelers look for Silver Dollar City coupons. If you plan to visit Silver Dollar City more than a few times, you might consider the annual Silver Dollar City pass, which offers unlimited access to the park for one year. If you will only attend for a day or two, be sure to watch for Silver Dollar City coupons available for summer attendance. Silver Dollar City coupons of this kind are usually available through participating businesses, and you can find this changing information posted on the Silver Dollar City website each year.

Another great way to get a deal on your trip to Silver Dollar City is by booking one of the theme park’s special packages. Silver Dollar City is not only a theme park, but a community with condos and cabins for rent near the park, as well as a campground nearby with full camping facilities. Year round, travelers will find discounted prices on campsites, condos and cabins when combined with the purchase of Silver Dollar City tickets. These convenient accommodations make vacations centered on Silver Dollar City Missouri easy to book and fun for the entire family.

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