Titanic Museum Branson

The Titanic Museum Branson is unlike many other Titanic museums in the US and around the world, as it aims to do more than simply give you an informative experience—its goal is to immerse you in a Titanic experience. Dubbing itself the World's Largest Titanic Museum Attraction, the museum is a two-story replica of the RMS Titanic itself, complete with a grand staircase, Titanic artifacts, and two spaniels who represent the ship's dogs. With Branson Titanic coupons readily available online, you can get great deals to this famous Branson attraction.

With more than 400 artifacts, the Titanic Museum Branson is in fact the world's largest Titanic museum, with the greatest number of Titanic artifacts in the world. However, the most intriguing part of the exhibit is the entire interactive experience that makes you feel that you are truly a passenger on the ill-fated ship. THis is one of the best museums in the city, and it's a great attraction for kids as well, though it's better suited to older children.

You will begin your journey into the Titanic Museum Branson by entering the side of a large iceberg—be sure to reach out and feel the real wall of ice as you enter the museum. You will then be given a boarding pass with the name of a real Titanic passenger. For the duration of the museum experience, you will be that passenger, and at the end you will be able to find out the fate of your alter-ego. Throughout the museum, interpreters in historical costume guide you through the exhibit, giving information as you go. You will start in the third-class cabins, and work your way past the Grand Staircase into first-class. The Sinking Room illustrates the experience of the passengers as the ship sunk, with sharply sloping floors, and exhibits demonstrating the coldness of the water. With these informative and hands-on exhibits, the Titanic experience comes to life for today's visitors.

The theatrical meets the historical in the world's largest Titanic museum attraction, allowing visitors to have a tangible glimpse of the ship's past. You will get to shovel coal into the ship's boiler, and sit in a true-to-size replica of the Titanic's lifeboats.

If you're more interested in the James Cameron film than in the actual Titanic, there is something here for you too. Pieces of the Titanic movie set have been transported to the Branson museum, including a blue sapphire necklace worth thousands of dollars. A children's play area means that visitors of all ages will have a great time, and a special canine museum gives special attention to the dogs present on the Titanic.

If you are interested in visiting the Titanic Museum in conjunction with other Branson attractions, be sure to look for Branson Titanic coupons that will combine a visit to the museum with another show or hotel accommodations at a discounted price. You can also find discounted Branson Titanic coupons online, offering you great value such as two-for-one tickets or special group events. The Titanic Museum often hosts special holiday events, such as ice-carving, and appearances by Santa and his reindeer, so be on the lookout for special offers during the holidays.

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Titanic Museum Branson

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The Titanic Museum Branson is unlike many other Titanic museums in the US and...

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