Hermann MO is a charming city of approximately 2,600 residents that can be found approximately 60 miles west of downtown St. Louis. Lending to its charm are its location along the Missouri River and its historic architecture. Also adding character to Hermann MO is its German history. The city was founded in the 1830's by the German Settlement Society of Philadelphia and was targeted as a place where traditional German culture could be perpetuated. The town’s name honors Hermann der Cherusker – a Germanic leader who defeated the Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (9 AD). A bronze statue of Hermann der Cherusker can be found in the city’s aptly named Hermann Park.


Hermann basically sits in the heart of Missouri’s wine country and is home to prize-winning wineries. The surrounding geographical area is often referred to as the Missouri Rhineland, due to its similarities to the Rhineland region in Europe. The German-Americans who founded Hermann determined that the area would be ideal for grape growing, and thus the industry was born. The first Hermann wineries were established in the mid-1800's, and before Prohibition, they helped Missouri become the second-largest wine-producing state in the country. The initial industry would eventually be ruined by Prohibition, but local winemakers pushed to rebuild in the 1960's, and today, Hermann is once again a major winemaking place. Among the main wine producers in the area is Stone Hill. It’s actually the oldest and largest winery in all of Missouri. Wine enthusiasts who are visiting Hermann won’t want to focus exclusively on the Stone Hill Winery, as there are many others in and around town that can also make for wonderful places to visit. For beer enthusiasts, Hermann MO is home to the Tin Mill Brewing Company. You can find this microbrewery in the historic downtown district.

Museums & Historic Houses

There are several museums in Hermann MO that offer insight into the city’s rich history. They delightfully occupy historic houses and other old buildings. An example is the Deutschheim State Historic Site, which is also known as the German Home. There are actually two historic homes that you can tour at the Deutschheim State Historic Site. One was a middle-class home in its former life, while the other was more of a lower-class home. That doesn’t mean that they lack size or impressive features. Both are made out of brick and have plenty of stylistic appeal. Inside, period furnishings and other historical artifacts can be observed. Touring the gardens and seeing grapevines that were planted more than a century ago can also be part of the Deutschheim State Historic Site experience. Another museum of great interest in Hermann is the multi-room Historic Hermann’s Museum at the Old German School, and visitors are also encouraged to check out the beautiful Gasconade County Courthouse and the Gasconade County Historical Society Archives & Records Center. Walking tours in the historic downtown area can also be very rewarding for cultural enthusiasts and history buffs.

Hotels & Lodging

Hotels & Lodging
Hotels & Lodging  Image: Nosara Yoga Institute

The Hermann Missouri lodging scene is dominated by bed and breakfasts. These charming hotels offer a lot in the way of historic appeal, and since there are so many to choose from, finding a room shouldn’t be difficult. For those who are interested in something else or who are simply looking to secure lower rates, the local Hermann Motel (pictured) offers a decent alternative. Chain brand motels and hotels can be found near town in such other area destinations as Warrenton and New Florence. Travelers can also consider staying at one of the St. Louis hotels and making day trips to Hermann. The cities of Columbia and Jefferson City can also be found in the general region and offer plenty of lodging options themselves.

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