Jefferson City Missouri

Jefferson City Missouri is positioned the center of the state. It is the capital of Missouri and has a population of around 40,000 people. There are several distinguishing characteristics in this region referred to as Mid-Missouri. The first is the Missouri River, situated north of the city. Jefferson City is also situated along the northern portion of the Ozark Plateau. The proximity to the Missouri River and four distinct conservation areas affords visitors and residents alike the opportunity to experience this part of the central United States. Jefferson City MO is more or less equidistant from the border of Illinois to the east and Kansas to the west.

There are a number of parks and trails in Jefferson City where you can hike and commune with nature. Katy Trail, Greenway Trail, and the Binder Park Trail System comprise the majority of the hiking, walking, and cycling trails in the city. There are also baseball and softball fields, shooting ranges, and places to go camping and mountain biking. There are a host of options for tours on the Missouri River, as well as angling and boating, to name just a few of the favorite pastimes in Jefferson City.

And it is not just outdoor activities that attract people to central Missouri. There is also a vibrant scene for arts and culture, from fine dining restaurants to art galleries and museums. There are shopping centers as well as independent boutiques in the charming downtown area. Specialty shops, cafes, and restaurants abound, and you will find that there is a generally convivial and warm atmosphere in this city.

The Missouri State Museum, located in the Capitol Building, is one of the top cultural attractions in the city. The Capitol Building itself is the most iconic landmark in the city, as it towers over the downtown area on a high bluff that overlooks the Missouri River. The Cole County Historical Society and Museum, Orion Science Center, and Camden County Historical Society are three more museums well worth exploring if you are planning a trip to Jefferson City.

Jefferson City also maintains a busy events schedule throughout the better part of the year. The spring, summer, and fall are filled with fun events and public concerts and performances. The Thursday Night Live Series takes place during the weekends in June on corner of High Street and Madison Street. This festival features all kinds of great music and other entertainment. The Salute to America Event over the Fourth of July is a top event in the middle of the summer. September brings the eagerly anticipated Annual Capital Jazzfest and Street Art Fair to Jefferson City MO. This event takes place in Memorial Park (usually around the first weekend of September) and attracts amazing jazz and blues talent, as well as a variety of other entertainers, vendors, and exhibitors.

There are plenty of Jefferson City hotels from which to choose, including an array of high-end and boutique accommodations, as well as budget options like motels and affordable bed and breakfasts. Regardless of where you choose to stay, you are sure to have a memorable time in this beautiful city.

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