Kansas City Hotels

Kansas City hotels are situated in the midst of Missouri’s most populous city. As such, Kansas City hotels are among the most expensive in the state, although there are some good options for a cheap hotel in Kansas City, as well. Whether it be Kansas City plaza hotels right in the heart of the action or Kansas City Missouri hotels further out, there are a wide range of options available when choosing Kansas City hotels.

Kansas City plaza hotels are hotels located in the downtown plaza area of the city. Kansas City plaza hotels include both upscale chain resorts and a couple of excellent bed-and-breakfasts. Amenities for these Kansas City Missouri hotels located in the plaza are usually luxurious, as the plaza hotels tend to be more expensive than hotels found further out from the center of the city. Some of the best Kansas City Missouri hotels found in the heart of the city are housed in historic buildings, often revived from colonial days. These hotels can be a nice break from the monotony of a chain hotel, and often have special character and special features.

Despite the upscale nature of Kansas City hotels, it isn’t too hard to find a cheap hotel in Kansas City. A good, cheap hotel in Kansas City will usually not be found in the downtown or plaza area, but rather in the outlying area or in a suburban neighborhood. Although you may find that there is more driving involved getting to the best attractions of Kansas City, you will likely have access to rental car companies and other forms of transportation. The Westport neighborhood of Kansas City is one common place to go for a cheap hotel in Kansas City. Here, you will find basic accommodation for a lower rate than in the heart of the city. Westport is also well-known for its active nightlife, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding things to do near the hotel, as well.

Other Kansas City hotels can be found throughout the city and beyond. A range of prices and amenities can be found. Centrally located hotels will generally be more expensive than hotels in outlying areas. Kansas City, Missouri is also just a short drive from its sister city of Kansas City, Kansas, which is also chalk full of activities and fun things to do for your vacation. If you plan to continue your tour of Missouri by hopping on Route 66 and heading to St. Louis, there are also plenty of great St. Louis hotels in the area, as well as in the nearby area of St. Charles. Missouri golf vacations, lake cabin rentals and more await travelers making their way to both Kansas City and St. Louis.

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