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If you are looking for a vacation where you can combine the Midwest with the South, then the state of Missouri is for you. Full of interesting cities to visit, Missouri's attractions include the Mississippi River, the Ozark Mountains and the thriving cities of St. Louis and Kansas City. Missouri boasts a fine collection of rivers and lakes for outdoor recreation, and if you want urban atmosphere, you can have that too. Missouri is a fairly spread out state when it comes to some of its main attractions, but if you tire from travel or have just arrived at your next destination, there will be plenty of choices for Missouri hotels along the way.

One city in Missouri that is bound to have a full selection of luxury and budget Missouri hotels is St. Louis. You can pass through St. Louis on the historic Route 66, but it deserves a stop. Of course there are the Gateway Arch and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, but you might also visit the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis casinos. For an extra treat, try one of the Riverboat cruises. The St. Louis hotels will provide visitors with a great selection, covering all ranges of budget. Among the best St. Louis hotels are those found downtown, but if budget Missouri hotels are what you are after, then the numerous chain brands should serve you well. Some St. Louis hotels are housed in historic buildings that have been renovated, making for interesting accommodations. When you are in St. Louis, a trip to nearby St. Charles gives you the chance to see one of the oldest cities west of the Mississippi. There are many interesting memorials to historical figures like Daniel Boone here celebrating the Pioneer spirit that led men west. In St. Charles you will find one of the best St. Louis casinos, and compared to downtown St. Louis, the St. Charles hotels offer a better selection of budget Missouri hotels, with upscale options as well.

All the way across the state is Missouri's largest city, Kansas City. Kansas City is split practically down the middle by the Kansas/Missouri border, and if you are on a cross-country drive and tiring, you will find a bevy of Kansas City hotels that will fit any budget and taste. Kansas City is known for is its barbecue and steaks, which lend themselves to the city's complete dining scene. It is also known for its jazz scene and its frontier history. Among the cultural things to do in Kansas City is visit its museums, among which are the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum/American Jazz Museum. If you like nightlife, Kansas City has that too. As is the case for most United States cities, the Kansas City hotels offer plenty of chain hotels that are a good bet for discount Kansas lodging. Downtown, you can find more historical and service-oriented Kansas City hotels, and the occasional bed and breakfast is the way many choose to go.

If you love the outdoors, Missouri is a pleasure to explore, especially in the southern part of the state, where the Ozark Mountains present a stunning landscape. If you are looking for Las Vegas-style entertainment in the Ozarks, then the city of Branson is a most eligible candidate. Branson has quite a reputation for its rich tourism industry, and here you can shop your heart out, eat well, enjoy the quality Branson shows or explore the surrounding wilderness. Families and everybody else will likely enjoy the Silver Dollar City theme park, and the Branson MO hotels will present all visitors with choices of an attractive array. There are cabins and vacation rentals up for grabs in Branson, and the historic Branson MO hotels deliver on character. If you are in Branson on a romantic getaway, you might find accommodations at one of the bed and breakfast Branson MO hotels. If you want to tee it up for some Missouri golf, then one of the golf resort Springfield hotels might be right down your fairway. Springfield is found not far north of Branson, and it is one of the larger cities in the state, meaning the choices for Missouri hotels here is abundant. You can find budget Missouri hotels on the fringes of Springfield, with some of the more luxurious accommodations being located downtown.

Of course, we should mention the state capital of Jefferson City. Jefferson City is not large, and when you approach it, you do not see soaring skyscrapers, but instead the Capitol Building dome looms above the tree line signaling the way. Jefferson City is full of historic sites, and be it winter or summer, this charming town is a joy to explore. When the weather is nice, a trip south of Jefferson City to Lake of the Ozarks is a joy for the recreational possibilities that the man-made lake provides. The setting of the lake is part of its attraction, as bluffs and forest-covered hills make for quite the shoreline. There is a new luxury resort at Lake of the Ozarks, as well as some budget Missouri hotels that are of the chain variety. If you are on a budget, be sure to check online for discount Missouri hotels, and if you can find some vacation package deals, they are a great way to sometimes turn pricy accommodations into budget Missouri hotels.

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