Six Flags Missouri

Located 30 miles west of St. Louis is the infamous Six Flags Missouri, one of the most popular St. Louis theme parks in town. Six Flags Missouri has numerous rides, including a roller coaster with more than 5,000 feet of track. Six Flags Missouri may be a favorite for pint size travelers, but it also remains one of the most popular attractions for families and adults, as well. Six Flags in Missouri makes a great day trip from St. Louis.

A trip to Six Flags in Missouri can be one of the highlights of a vacation spent in St. Louis, or a great day trip for local residents. When looking for tickets to this St. Louis theme park, keep in mind that there are season passes available for entrance to the park. A season pass to Six Flags in Missouri is a great idea for anyone who plans to visit the park more than once during the year. The cost of a season pass is less than the cost of entering the park for two full days, so it quickly becomes a good deal. The season pass is good for one year, and will allow its owner to enter the park as many times as they like during the year. Additionally, a season pass for this popular St. Louis theme park also gains a 15% discount off of any purchases in the park that exceed $25. Your season pass is also good at 18 other Six Flags Parks throughout the nation.

For tourists who plan to make a trip to Six Flags a main part of their vacation, it is often helpful to locate hotels near Six Flags Missouri. Although most often associated with St. Louis, Six Flags Missouri is actually located in the smaller town of Eureka, Missouri. The hotels near Six Flags Missouri will also be located in Eureka, Missouri, which is an important piece of information when searching for hotels near Six Flags Missouri.

Not only are there some great options for economy stays for travelers on a budget, but there are also a few upscale hotels near Six Flags Missouri as well. Hotels near Six Flags Missouri are also popular among travelers looking for a better rate on hotels than hotels in downtown St. Louis. Many of the hotels near Six Flags Missouri are less expensive and still offer great accommodations. Since Eureka is only about 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis, this can be a great headquarters for heading to Six Flags as well as touring St. Louis. Travelers who stay in Eureka will still be just a short drive from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, as well as the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Eureka is also located near the Missouri wine districts and a number of excellent Missouri golf courses to provide a vacation full of activity. Tickets to Six Flags Missouri can be purchased online to avoid waiting in line, or in person at the Six Flags Missouri ticket office.

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