St Charles Missouri

St. Charles Missouri is located to the north of the larger city of St. Louis Missouri. St. Charles Missouri has one of the most popular historic districts in the Midwest, with a historic Main Street that features the original cobblestone from the early 1800s lined by shopping and restaurants. St. Charles Missouri is also distinct as the second oldest city in the United States west of the Mississippi.

The history of St. Charles Missouri is one of the most compelling in United States history, and has come to represent much that westward expansion meant to citizens during the 19th century. Daniel Boone and his family are said to be the first family to settle in the St. Charles region, and there are a number of memorials and attractions meant to commemorate this fact. Lewis and Clark of the famous Lewis and Clark trail also made a stop in St. Charles; their last in fact before heading out into the unknown west.

Today, travelers will find that there are a number of things to do in St. Charles Missouri; from visiting the Ameristar Casino to taking a riverboat tour down the Mississippi River. Many travelers who head to St. Charles also plan to take some time out to visit the attractions of St. Louis, including the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, the Gateway Arch and the Missouri Botanical Garden. It is even possible to take a drive on the famous Route 66.

Other things to do in St. Charles Missouri include a trip to the Demolition Ball. Unique among attractions throughout the United States, Demolition Ball is a game that combines hockey, football, polo and basketball with bumper cars and has become increasingly popular in St. Charles, especially among children. One of the other great things to do in St. Charles Missouri is visit the historical district. Main Street, the most prominent street in the historic district, is still comprised of the original red cobblestone from the initial establishment of the city. There are free tours available to travelers each day offered by the St. Charles tourism center.

St. Charles Missouri is also home to many great St. Charles Missouri hotels and resorts. For travelers hoping to golf or play tennis there are some great golf courses and resorts nearby for a Missouri golf vacation. Nightlife in St. Charles is also an exciting scene. In addition to the Ameristar Casino, which features table games, poker and slot machines, there are a number of jazz clubs, dance clubs and bars to enjoy in the evening in St. Charles. The Katy Trail Bike Path is yet another fun way to spend a day in St. Charles. This trail runs from historic St. Charles to the edge of St. Charles County and is comprised of a smooth pebble trail.

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