St Louis Zoo

The St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the best attractions in the state for families with children. The St. Louis Zoo is one of the only zoos located in a major metropolis that is totally free of charge, yet another reason that this attraction is incredibly popular among families and travelers making their way through Missouri in a group. Although admission into the St. Louis Zoo is free of charge, there is some charge for some activities within the zoo itself.

One attraction in the St. Louis Zoo that has an associated fee is the Zooline Railroad. The Zooline railroad is a passenger train that makes trips around the zoo throughout the day, making it possible for guests of the zoo to hop on and hop off of the train as they tour the zoo. Many travelers who choose to visit the zoo purchase a day ticket for a ride on the train.

The zoo itself is home to lots of animals, including invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and more. Exhibits throughout the zoo feature animals of all kind in a setting close to their natural habitat. Big Cat Country, River’s Edge, Penguin and Puffin Coast, the 904 Flight Cage, the Jungle of the Apes, the Insectarium, and the Butterfly House are just a few of the many attraction houses at the zoo. The zoo is open daily from 9am to 3pm, with special hours posted online for various holidays and events.

Many travelers planning a trip to St. Louis to visit the zoo look for St. Louis Zoo accommodations. St. Louis Zoo accommodations are numerous due to the convenient location of the zoo itself. St. Louis Zoo accommodations are also a great place for travelers who plan to visit other locations in St. Louis, such as the Gateway Arch and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Both upscale St. Louis Zoo accommodations and good budget options can be found close to the zoo. A few hotels offer packages that combine zoo tickets with hotel accommodation for better rates on both.

Many travelers planning to visit the zoo in St. Louis search for ways to save on attraction prices by looking for St. Louis Zoo coupons. St. Louis Zoo coupons an be found online, and many of the best St. Louis Zoo coupons focus on admission to attractions within the zoo that have an associated fee, such as the Butterfly House or Zooline Railroad. Such St. Louis Zoo coupons can be found by searching online and St. Louis coupons for multiple attractions in the city of St. Louis can make for a better discount. Be sure to check with your hotel in addition to your online search when looking for the best deals on St. Louis Zoo coupons.

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