Suggested Itineraries for St Louis

St. Louis is a fun and unique city to visit and, compared to some other metropolises, an easy city to tour in a few days. Suggested itineraries for St. Louis include trips to all of the big name attractions, as well as trips to some of the attractions a little more off the beaten path.

1-3 Days

With just a day or two to spend with your suggested itineraries for St. Louis, you will want to hit up a few of the most well known attractions. Suggested itineraries for St. Louis often include a trip to the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and for good reason. The Gateway Arch is the highlight of any St. Louis itinerary and one of the most fun attractions for touring. Make this a priority for your St. Louis itinerary, and try and make your way here first thing in the morning. Lines to ride the tram to the top can be incredibly long and often are shorter during the week in the morning hours. With the rest of your time, be sure to add a trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to your St. Louis itinerary.

4-7 Days

A St. Louis suggested itineraries for multiple days can include a trip to even more of the most popular attractions in St. Louis. The Anheuser Busch Brewery tour is a popular choice for patrons of all ages. Although only adults over the age of 21 will be able to enjoy the two free beers offered at the end of the tour, kids of all ages have a good time seeing how beer is brewed and checking out the Clydesdale horse stable at the brewery. Your St. Louis suggested itineraries can also include trips to the Gateway Arch, as mentioned above, as well as a trip to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, which was one of the first churches in the area.

7+ Days

With multiple days to spend with your St. Louis suggested itineraries, you can spend time enjoying many of the activities mentioned above. In addition to these fun sights, you will also have time for even more. Be sure to take a trip to the St. Louis Art Museum, the St. Louis Union Station and the Missouri History Museum. If you happen to be in town during baseball season, you may also want to make time to visit the Busch Stadium to take in a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. Route 66 also runs right past the city of St. Louis, and a short or long trip along this famous highway can be a great day trip.

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