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If you are planning an upcoming Missouri vacation, or simply curious about Missouri vacation spots, it might be helpful to know something about the best times to visit Missouri. A Missouri vacation can be enjoyed in Branson, St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Charles, or any of the other fun cities in Missouri. Depending on the kind of Missouri vacation you want to take, and your final destination within the state of Missouri, you will want to consider both weather and travel costs for your Missouri vacation.

Weather in Missouri tends to be mild in the southern part of the state, and more dramatic as you move further north. If you plan, like many travelers, to visit the lake town of Branson, you may consider traveling in the summer. Branson is one of the most attractive Missouri vacation spots, not only for the three lakes that can be found near its borders, but also because of all of the great attractions in town. Branson is where travelers will find the famous Branson music shows, as well as the well-known Silver Dollar City, another of the best Missouri vacation spots. Although there are plenty of Branson hotels in town, you may choose to stay in a Branson vacation rental or lake cabin while you visit Missouri. If this is the case, you will definitely want to visit Missouri during the summer to enjoy the fun of the water sports and other lake activities.

Summer is also a great time to visit Missouri and see some other areas. Missouri wineries are located, for the most part, west of St. Louis, and although wine can be enjoyed any time of the year, summer and fall tend to be extra special. This is also a good time to take a Missouri golf vacation of visit the Missouri State Fair. The Missouri State Fair happens each summer in the month of August, and activities available at the Missouri State Fair are usually posted a few months in advance. Here, you will be able to see livestock and produce shown by local farmers, as well as enjoy all of the rides and fun events that accompany state fairs.

Another great time to visit Missouri is during the winter holiday break. St. Louis and St. Charles in particular tend to draw many visitors during the winter holiday break. You can enjoy some fun winter festivals and events, as well as shop and stroll through the historic areas of the town while they are lit up for the season.

As you might expect, airfare to Missouri will be most expensive during the summer and during the winter holiday season. If saving money is a priority for you, consider traveling at times outside of these busy seasons. Be sure to look into special vacation packages, as well, which may also help determine when you go to Missouri for your Missouri vacation. Historical monuments and museums will be open no matter when you choose to visit Missouri.

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