Montana is one of the largest and least-populated states in the US, and as such, it is also a place where the wilderness that dominated the country a thousand years ago is still present, and where you can easily escape the modern world into a place where nature in all its glory sill surround you.

With its majestic mountain ranges, breathtaking vistas, and of course, the staggering open spaces that Montana offers, it is easy to forget that Montana tourism is about much more than just the great outdoors. When you visit the state, there is plenty to see and do beyond just hiking and staring at the scenery. In urban Montana, you can enjoy all the comforts of the modern world that you would expect.

In the past few years, spurred on by the Billy Crystal movie “City Slickers”, people have flooded to the wilderness state of Montana in order to recreate the cattle drive featured in the film. In the area around Bozeman Montana there are a number of cattle ranches where visitors are more than welcome to join in with life on the range for a few days of camping on the prairies.

Alternatively, if you visit during the main winter sports season, the mountains around Billings offer some of the best value skiing and snowboarding in all of North America, with a lot less crowds than you get elsewhere. Many of the resorts offer a choice of hotel or cabin accommodation, making them ideal for groups of all sizes who want to go skiing in Montana.

One of the best ways of seeing Montana is on a driving tour of the state. This will allow you to explore all the different aspects of life in Big Sky Country. From modern towns like Helena, Montana, where you can stay in a range of hotels through to the range landscapes around Red Lodge Montana, where staying under canvas or in small roadside motels and guest houses are the only options. As you get out into the wilderness, you will find endless contrasts of the modern and ancient, where civilization clings on at the fringes of the barren, yet breathtaking landscapes.

The sheer natural beauty of Montana has seen large areas of the state designated as National Parks. There are a number of different areas which are protected including Red Lodge Montana, which offers plenty of hiking trails that are graded according to their difficulty, and well sign posted. There are rivers, lakes, and even forests in the national park, and if you are careful, you will be able to see wildlife including moose and bears in their natural habitat.

Whether you come to Montana in order to see the sights from the comfort of your car, or want to get out and experience them up close, whether you want to explore at your own pace, or alternatively, want the security offered by a guided tour, you need to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time. Attractions like the lakes and rivers around Whitefish Montana, and the main Montana tourism areas around Bozeman and Billings are a long way apart, and you will generally need a day to make journeys from one place to another.

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