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When looking to book a flight to Montana, you can choose to land at any one of six major airports. In a state this big, it helps to have more than one airport, as it allows visitors to spend less time commuting to their ultimate destination on the ground. The Billings International Airport is the largest of the Montana airports. Together with the Bozeman Airport, the Billings International Airport is ideal for those who plan on making a break for Yellowstone National Park. Whatever major Montana monuments and attractions that you have in mind, finding Montana airports that are relatively close by will help you maximize your travel time.

Since the Billings International Airport, or Billings Logan International Airport as its official name reads, is just two miles north of the downtown region, you can get into the city in no time. Renting a car once you arrive at the Billings International Airport is an option, and you can also hop on a bus, take a shuttle, or hail a taxi. Back inside the airport, a gift shop, a food court, and a main restaurant and bar are among the amenities, so you can keep busy if you have some time to kill. It's not a long walk over to the Yellowstone County Museum, which is found just south of the airport's terminal, so you can consider that as well. As stated in the opening paragraph, the Bozeman Airport, which is known as the Gallatin Field Airport, is another ideal arrival point for those planning on visiting Yellowstone National Park. It's also a good choice if you are thinking of spending some quality time in beautiful Big Sky. You'll have no problem renting a car at the Gallatin Field Airport, and other ground transportation options include shuttles, taxis, buses, and private car pickup.

The Missoula International Airport is another popular option for those who want to head straight for the Montana mountains. Found in the western part of the state, this airport receives about 600,000 passengers every year, and since expansion projects are slated, that number is bound to increase. You can plan your round of golf, look for area tours, or maybe stay in touch with friends via email at the Missoula International Airport, provided that you have a laptop, as free wireless internet service is offered. The ground transportation options here are basically akin to those at the other Montana airports listed thus far, so you will have no trouble connecting to your ultimate destination. The main airport restaurant and sports bar are good places to hang out if you are looking to fill some down time, and you can also peruse the goods at the rather complete gift shop. Maybe you'll pick up a book about Glacier National Park and start planning your visit to that natural wonderland.

If Glacier National Park is the main focus of your Montana vacation, you might pass on the Missoula International Airport and choose instead to land at the closer Glacier Park International Airport. You can expect the same kind of traveler amenities here that you can expect at the other major airports in Montana, which includes ATM machines, an information center, and parking. Found just north of Kalispell, the Glacier Park International Airport is also close to Whitefish and Bigfork, which are two other prime Flathead Valley vacation destinations. The other three major airports in Montana can be found in Butte, Great Falls, and Helena, so if you have business or pleasure to attend to in any of these destinations, you can fly straight in and save yourself some time. Should you be piloting your own private plane, or perhaps arranging a charter flight for your travel group, company, or sports team, perhaps, there are a bunch of other public-use and general aviation airports in Montana that can serve your needs as well.

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