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Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are certainly responsible for bringing in gobs of tourists, but they're just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Montana attractions. You'll do well to visit one or both of these cherished national parks, but you'll also do well to include an array of other Montana tourist attractions on your agenda. Montana sightseeing opens up many possibilities, and when it comes to cultural attractions, the Treasure State is full of them. You can learn all about Montana history by ducking into one of the numerous museums that are found here, and many towns and cities across the state boast fascinating historical districts. Checking out old houses and other historical buildings on a city walking tour is always a good way to pass some time. Montana is an attraction in and of itself, its landscape both inspirational and captivating.

The Rocky Mountains, which stretch from the border of Canada on down to the borders of Idaho and Wyoming, inspire numerous Montana sightseeing ventures, and there are a number of different ways to take in the sights. Hiking in the Montana Rocky Mountains is just one way to enjoy the splendid scenery, and you can also try horseback riding. Any number of outdoor activities in the Montana mountains can include sightseeing on the side, and the mountain views are captivating regardless of the season. Ski resorts can be included on the list of Montana attractions, and the Montana Rockies are home to Big Sky, the Whitefish Mountain Resort, and a number of other ski resorts and ski areas. Not only are these resorts ideal for wintertime fun, but they're also summertime havens for outdoor recreation.

Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park are two of the top Montana tourist attractions, but you don't have to visit them to enjoy mountain sightseeing. Towns like Kalispell and Bigfork offer natural beauty close to Glacier National Park, while the Paradise Valley in the southern part of the state boasts many of the vintage vistas that nearby Yellowstone does. Scenic mountain lakes abound in Montana, and they can make for some excellent Montana sightseeing on their own. Head to Flathead Lake in the northwest part of the state, and the views are bound to have you considering the purchase of a vacation home. The Montana lakes aren't just ideal for sightseeing, however. Boating, swimming, and fishing help to make them popular Montana attractions.

When discussing the natural side of things in Montana, suffice it to say that you could go sightseeing for weeks on end and still expect to see something new. As for the more cultural Montana tourist attractions, they are always there to help you learn more about the state and its people. The Museum of the Rockies, which is found on the Montana State University Campus in Bozeman, is one of the top Montana tourist attractions because it helps visitors understand the Treasure State's rich history. In addition to a healthy number of historic museums, Montana is also home to a vast array of art museums. The Bigfork Museum of Art and History is just one such museum. In addition to art museums, the Montana attractions also include scores of art galleries, so picking up an intriguing piece to bring home with you is possible as well.

One of the best cultural Montana tourist attractions is the segment of the Lewis and Clark Trail that passes through the state. An array of landmarks that pertain to this trail can be visited from different cities and towns. One of the more recognizable Lewis and Clark landmarks in Montana is Pompey's Pillar, which is a large sandstone outcropping that can be found near Billings. What helps to distinguish Pompey's Pillar is the 1806 handcarved signature that William Clark left behind. It is still very much visible to this day. Many more great Montana attractions await Montana visitors, and truth be told, you might need more than one trip to really take in everything that this state has to offer. You could spend a few weeks in Glacier National Park alone and still not see all there is to see!

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