Bigfork Montana

Bigfork Montana is an ideal vacation destination for a number of reasons, and its enviable location does well to encourage visitors to get out and enjoy the surrounding countryside. On a Bigfork vacation, you can go canoeing or boating on the large and scenic Flathead Lake, or you can take to the nearby wilderness areas to enjoy some wildlife viewing. And that's just the beginning when it comes to things to do in Bigfork Montana! Found in the northwestern part of the state and nestled within the Rocky Mountains, Bigfork is an ideal place to be for anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation. Regardless of the season, exploring the general area will turn up an almost endless array of delights.

Since Bigfork Montana is so close to both Kalispell and Whitefish, visitors are encouraged to plan a few side trips during their stay. Of course, a Bigfork vacation can see you enjoying so much within the more immediate area that you might not have time to explore nearby towns. Kalispell is closer to the Glacier Park International Airport, so if you're looking to fly into Bigfork Montana, you might book a stay at one of the Kalispell hotels before you continue on. Car rentals are available at most of the Montana airports, so you can always get some wheels upon your arrival if you need them. In Whitefish, on the other hand, there is an Amtrak train station, so you might hang out there for a night or two if you are coming by train. However you choose to ultimately get to Bigfork, a delightful village with a small-town feel awaits you. Known as one of the leading arts communities in the state, Bigfork is more than just an outdoor enthusiast's haven. It's cultural side does well to complement the outdoor Bigfork attractions, and the local performing arts scene is lively throughout the year.

While Flathead Lake arguably takes top honors when it comes to the Bigfork attractions, the local art galleries are also well renowned. When you're not fishing or boating on Flathead Lake, dropping in on the Big Sky art galleries is always worth considering. Plan your Bigfork vacation to coincide with the first weekend in August, and you'll get to enjoy the Bigfork Festival of the Arts, which is one of the best art-related events in Montana. The local artists in Bigfork Montana churn out plenty of Western-themed works, and you'll even come across some intriguing contemporary pieces while looking around. Chances are good that you'll find something that you'll want to take home with you when visiting the Bigfork galleries. The Bigfork restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and live theater venues also do well to keep visitors busy, especially in the summer months, which is when Bigfork travel peaks.

For those who are looking for other local events to enjoy when it comes to building a list of things to do in Bigfork Montana, the annual white water rafting race in May is among the premier events, as is the October Tamarack Times Festival. During the winter holiday season, the entire village transforms itself into a winter wonderland, complete with elves and festive decorations, which makes for an enticing setting. As one might imagine in Montana's Rocky Mountains, skiing is a popular vacation pursuit, and it can always be added to a wintertime list of things to do in Bigfork Montana. You can always head to the Big Mountain Ski Resort if you're planning on visiting Big Fork during the winter months. Found north of Whitefish, the Big Mountain Ski Resort is a bit of a drive, but it's well worth the trip.

Wildlife viewing is among the top things to do in Bigfork Montana, and since Glacier National Park is so close by, you can easily arrange side trips there. In addition to visiting Glacier National Park during your Bigfork vacation, you can also drop by the Swan Wilderness Area and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, among other destinations. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area is considered by many to be one of the best wilderness areas in the country, and the Swan Wilderness Area warrants a visit as well. Among the animals that you can expect to see in this part of the country are Elk, and Elk hunting is popular as a result of it. While hunting won't make everyone's list of things to do in Bigfork Montana, it is something that you might add to the itinerary.

Book a stay at one of the Bigfork hotels soon, and come see for yourself just how much personality this artsy mountain town has.

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