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Should you be planning to enjoy a little urban exposure on your Montana vacation, there may be no finer place to be than the state's largest city. Billings Montana is not only the largest city in the state, but it's also the cultural hub. In addition to being able to enjoy the performing arts while engaging in Billings travel, you can also do a little shopping, explore a range of dining options, and visit a number of area attractions. The Billings attractions include some intriguing historical landmarks, not to mention a zoo and a list of parks. As such, you can easily build a diverse Billings travel itinerary. When you're not taking in the full list of Billings attractions, you might take some time out to admire the city's beautiful setting. The Rimrock, or sandstone cliffs, that rise on the city's eastern and northern sides help to make Billings quite the scenic prairie town.

When exploring downtown Billings Montana, you can shop for cowboy-related paraphernalia, duck into the art galleries and restaurants on Montana Avenue, stop by the Yellowstone Art Museum, check out the Moss Mansion Historic House Museum, and so much more. The Yellowstone Art Museum is the largest museum in the area, and it is a terrific place to view both historic and contemporary Rocky Mountain-related art pieces. You can also inspect some of the old county prison at the Yellowstone Art Museum, as part of it was preserved when it was converted into a museum in 1964. As for the Moss Mansion Historic House, it is an elegant, turn-of-the-century home where you can learn a little bit about early Montana life. Preston B. Moss, who was one of the more prominent residents in the early days, lived in the home, and tours are available if you want to learn more about his place in the city's history. Montana history is fascinating in many regards, and attractions like the Moss Mansion Historic House allow you to delve into it head first.

Two other downtown Billings attractions that you won't want to miss are the Western Heritage Center Museum, which like the Moss Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Billings Depot, which is a historic railway station that has been converted into a venue for weddings, art shows, concerts, and other events. In addition to enjoying downtown Billings attractions such as these ones, visitors can also head out into the surrounding region to see what it has to offer. Just on the fringes of the southern part of town, Zoo Montana is an excellent place for families to visit, as it's home to some neat animals. The zoo is more of a wildlife park than it is a standard zoo, and the staff goes to great lengths to simulate the natural settings that each animal is most familiar with. Red pandas, wolves, tigers, and otters are just some of the animals that you can observe at Zoo Montana.

Heading further outside of the city, the Pompey's Pillar National Monument is one of the top area attractions for those who are enjoying Billings travel. You'll head just 35 miles northwest of the city to find this rocky landmark, which is easily one of the top Montana monuments. When Lewis and Clark passed through this stretch of Montana in 1806, Clark carved his name into the sandstone outcropping, which is one of the reasons why it attracts so many visitors. You can also view Native American petroglyphs on Pompey's Pillar, and you can imagine both Indians and settlers standing atop it to take advantage of the sweeping views. Just 6 miles south of Billings Montana, the Pictograph Cave National Historic Landmark is another excellent place where you can learn a little bit about Montana history. Your historic tour doesn't have to end there, however. While it may be 65 miles southeast of the city, the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn is among the most popular area attractions. This monument site is where Sitting Bull and his men defeated General Custer and his troops during the 1876-1877 Great Sioux War.

There's simply too much to list when it comes to all the fun and interesting things to do in Billings. There is truly something for everyone in the "Magic City", and in addition to the attractions listed thus far, Billings vacations can also include side trips to Yellowstone National Park, which is just a few hour's drive away. A number of interesting annual events and festivals are held in Billings Montana every year, so you might try to visit during one of them. These events include the Montana Fair, which takes place in August, and the Rocky Mountain Arts and Crafts Festival, which is held in early March. Book your stay at one of the Billings hotels today, and come see for yourself just how much there is to see and do here.

Billings Montana


Should you be planning to enjoy a little urban exposure on your Montana v...

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