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The beautiful city of Butte rests on the northern border of Montana's Paradise Valley. As such, it's a terrific destination should you want to enjoy a mix of urban and outdoor pursuits during your Montana vacation. When you're not enjoying the city attractions on Butte vacations, you can take advantage of the fact that some 4 million acres of federal and state-owned public land lays at the city's doorstep. Interestingly enough, you're allowed to carry open containers of alcohol on Butte's city streets. It's the only city in the country that allows this freedom, which is definitely taken advantage of in March, when the city goes all out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Butte Montana celebrates St. Patrick's Day with extra fanfare due to the fact that Irish immigrants were among the workers from abroad who came to work in the city's mines in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Due to the prosperity of the local mines, Butte once carried the label of "the Richest Hill on Earth." With so much money being made in the early days here, residents were keen to erect plenty of homes and city buildings. As such, the city boasts an impressive historic district. In fact, the Uptown Historic District in Butte, which was recently expanded, is one of the country's largest National Historic Landmark Districts. Victorian architecture reigns supreme in this historic district, and numerous informational plaques are spread out to help visitors learn more about buildings that they're viewing.

The Copper King House is one of the more interesting historical structures in Butte Montana. Built between the years of 1884 and 1888, this large Victorian home served as the local residence for entrepreneur William Andrews Clark. Today, the Copper King House is part bed and breakfast and part museum. Tours are available during the peak Butte travel season, which falls during the summer months, and if you're looking for Butte hotels with character, this one's got plenty of it. Another interesting structure that you might visit during Butte vacations is the Dumas Brothel, which was once a prime destination for miners who were looking to enjoy some time in the city's once-thriving Red Light District. Butte certainly has an interesting history, and if you're interested in learning a bit more about the seedy side of this history, you might enjoy a tour of the Dumas Brothel. For those who prefer Butte attractions that are a little more pious, the Our Lady of the Rockies Statue is a more appropriate fit. You can't miss this 90-foot statue when enjoying Butte vacations, as it overlooks the city from a mountaintop perch. In the summer, bus tours that visit the statue can be booked for those who want a closer look at this giant structure.

Getting a grasp on Butte's mining history is easy when you also include the World Museum of Mining on your Butte travel itinerary. In addition to displaying old mining structures, this museum also offers exhibits that focus on the ethnic diversity that characterized the city during its mining days. Tour guides at the World Museum of Mining are available if you want to drop 65 feet into the Orphan Girl Mine for a look. Other attractions in and around town that you can add to your Butte travel agenda include the Berkeley Pit, which was formed from past mining, and the Mai Wah Museum, which revolves around the culture and history of the area's Asian peoples. For a general overview of Butte's history, you can always book a trolley tour. These informative trolley tours last about two hours, and they are definitely among the top things to do in Butte Montana.

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors during Butte vacations, you'll hardly have trouble finding interesting things to do. Since Butte is nestled in the Montana Rocky Mountains, wintertime visitors won't have to go too far to find a ski resort. The Discovery Basin Ski Area is the closest ski resort to Butte, but you might also consider a side trip to Big Sky. Numerous cross-country skiing trails can be accessed in and around Butte Montana as well if you prefer to go that route. Come summertime in the Butte area, hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing are among the top outdoor pursuits. Both the Deer Lodge National Forest and the Highland Mountains are prime outdoor recreational destinations for Butte locals and visitors. Fishing for Chinook, trout, sturgeon, and other fish species on the Big Hole River is also something to consider when arranging summertime Butte vacations.

Butte Montana


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