Montana Car Rentals

Car rentals in Montana are ideal for anyone who is really looking to explore the state on the ground. Even if you're just sticking to a specific area, however, having a Montana rental car can allow you to pick up and visit area attractions whenever you please. Finding Montana car rentals is made easy by the fact that there are a sufficient number of car rental agencies throughout the state. A Montana airport car rental is among the easiest to arrange, as the major airports here have at least one agency onsite. When deciding on a Montana rental car, there are a few things to consider.

Montana is one of the largest states in the country, and it covers just over 147,000 square miles. That's important to consider if you're looking for car rentals in Montana, as you might spend more time in the car than you originally thought. If you plan on covering a lot of Montana by way of rental car, choosing a cheaper compact car might be a good idea. Smaller cars get better gas mileage, so you'll save money there, not to mention on rates. While compact Montana car rentals are ideal for those who plan on sticking to paved roads, those who plan on exploring a little more will want to look into renting a 4x4 vehicle.

In addition to compact cars, many of the agencies that offer car rentals in Montana also have sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and trucks in their fleets. Having 4x4 capabilities can certainly help you out if you're planning on staying in a rustic cabin and need to take a dirt road in. Having a 4x4 vehicle during winter is also wise, especially if you plan on heading to the mountains. Plenty of snow falls in Montana during the winter months, and even if you don't think you're going to need 4x4 during your trip, you might be surprised at how handy it can be.

When trying to secure a Montana car rental, you should be at least 21 years of age, as that's the minimum age that most rental agencies require. Some agencies set the age limit higher for certain specialty and larger vehicles, so don't be surprised if you're under 25 years of age and can't get your hands on the Hummer that you had in mind. It's easiest to go with a Montana airport car rental when looking to get some wheels, and there are a handful of airports around the state that provide access to all the major car rental agencies. If you're looking to go to Glacier National Park for the chance to drive on the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road, for example, you can rent a car at the Glacier Park Airport, which is found in Kalispell.

Some Montana visitors will have Yellowstone National Park high on their lists of places to see, and you can easily rent a car at the Bozeman or Billings airports if you are arriving in those cities. You can also choose to fly into the West Yellowstone Airport, which offers proximity to the park's West Entrance. Two major car rental agencies have a presence at the West Yellowstone Airport if you are in need of a Montana rental car. Helena, Missoula, and Great Falls are just some of the other Montana cities where you will find airports. Where you find airports, you find Montana car rentals, and since there are so many airports here, convenience is the name of the game.

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