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The Montana restaurants offer a lot in the way of variety, so enjoying a range of dining experiences can definitely figure into your plans. When you just want something that is cheap and quick, there are a bunch of fast food restaurants in Montana. These fast food establishments are most easily found off of interstate exits, and you'll see signs along the way when traveling on the main roads. Should you be looking for something a little more substantial than a fast food meal, there are also plenty of casual Montana restaurants that offer good meals at a good price, so you can check them out as well. Fine dining in Montana isn't out of the question either, as there are plenty of talented chefs to be found throughout the state. Often times, the most talented chefs create divine dishes using local products, helping you to enjoy your tour of food in Montana.

Since Montana is home to a wide variety of animals, there is no shortage when it comes to meat dishes. Elk steaks, bison burgers, and deer jerky are just some of the things that you can try when it comes to food in Montana. Montana's rivers and streams are full of trout, not to mention sturgeon, big walleye, and catfish, so you can bet that plenty of restaurants in Montana serve up some delicious fish dishes. Should you be booking an extended fishing trip that involves camping overnight, cooking your fish over an open fire is about as good as dining in Montana gets. Of course, one slice of huckleberry cheesecake is arguably just as enjoyable.

Huckleberries, which are akin to blueberries, grow in force in Montana come summer and fall. As much as the bears in Montana love huckleberries, so too do the locals. In the Montana restaurants and specialty shops, huckleberries are used to create a number of food products, from jellies and preserves to sauces and syrups. Huckleberry pancakes and huckleberry fritters are just some of the items that you can expect to see on a Montana menu, especially in mountain cities and towns like Bozeman and Whitefish.

In addition to trying meats that you've never likely tried before when visiting some of the restaurants in Montana, you might also enjoy some more classic beef dishes. A good steak or burger is easy to find in Montana, so treating yourself to a hearty t-bone or porterhouse is always an option. Branching out and at least trying a venison steak at one of the Montana restaurants is recommended, even if you don't think that you want to explore the horizons. A venison steak cooked in a savory port wine sauce is sure to have you looking to buy some deer meat back home. A nice venison roast is more tasty than you might imagine, especially when it's done right.

To help you wash down your food in Montana, you might turn to a local beer or wine. There are tons of local breweries found across the state, so whether you're in Hamilton or Helena, you should be able to find one. As for the Montana wine industry, it is pretty much in its infancy, though picking up steam rapidly. Some Montana wineries grow their own grapes, while others tend to import them from states like California, Oregon, and Washington. Plenty of Montana restaurants serve local beers and wines, and you might inquire when dining out if the server can recommend something special. For a truly unique Montana wine tasting experience, you might try the sweet wines that are being produced here. Huckleberries, honey, and cherries are just some of the bases for Montana's sweet wines.

When trying to find out what food in Montana is all about, attending an annual food festival is a good idea. Montana food festivals can be pretty straightforward and they can also be quite unique. Among the more unique food festivals in Montana is the Chokecherry Festival, which is held on the Saturday after Labor Day in Lewiston. Chokecherries, which are small berries, have been a popular food in Montana since the Native Americans ruled the land. Another Montana food festival that might suit your tastes is the Billings Wine and Food Festival, which is held in May. Visiting chefs join local chefs at this event, which involves plenty of wine tasting and feasting on gourmet dishes.

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