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Montana events and festivals range from college football games and theatrical plays to food festivals and historical reenactments. The Custer's Last Stand Reenactment is among the more notable reenactments and is held annually in Montana, and it takes place just outside of the town of Hardin. More than 300 actors help to bring the reenactment to life, and it is a lively event. There are plenty of Montana festivals and events that can be enjoyed throughout the state and throughout the year, and since they can only add substance to your trip, they are also worth considering. Attending a local festival in Montana can be a great way to learn more about a specific city or town and its people, so if you happen to stumble upon one, you might take a closer look at Montana festivals

The Montana State Fair is one of the biggest annual events in the land, and you can truly learn all about different people from all over the state at this summertime jamboree. Held in late July and/or early August, the Montana State Fair features carnival rides, food booths, big name music performers, and livestock contests, among other things. One of the more interesting contests at the Montana State Fair is the Mr. Potato Head Contest. If you can't make it to the Montana State Fair in the summertime, you might look to catch one of the many warm weather music festivals that many cities around the state put on. In Helena, the Last Chance Bluegrass Festival takes place in late June, and Hamilton has its own Bluegrass festival in June as well. Both Missoula and Kalispell hold annual jazz festivals if you're more interested in jazz music.

Of all the yearly Montana events and festivals, the Evel Knieval Days Festival in Butte is certainly one of the most unique. Held on the last weekend in July, this festival pays homage to the city's most daring native son. Though Robert Craig "Evel" Knieval passed away in 2007, other stunt riders help to fill in the gap. In addition to car and motorcycle stunts, the Evel Knieval Days Festival also features live music performances that take place on the downtown Main Stage. If you like your festivals a little more tame, you might check out one of the annual food-related events in Montana. Well, tame might not be the best word for some of these Montana festivals, as they often feature plenty of wild game dishes.

Every year in May, the Billings Wine and Food Festival takes place, and it's an excellent place to try some authentic Montana food and drink. Creative dishes and local beers and wines are showcased at this delicious festival, which not only sees Montana chefs getting involved, but visiting chefs as well. When you're not trying huckleberry jams or venison jerky at the Billings Wine and Food Festival, you might enjoy a cooking seminar or cooking class. These sell out rather quickly, however, so you'll want to try to book yours early if possible. Among the more unique food festivals in Montana is the Chokecherry Festival, which is held on the Saturday after Labor Day in Lewiston. Chokecherries, which are small berries, have been a popular food in Montana since the Native Americans ruled the land.

Between the Montana State Fair, the state's many music festivals, and everything else in-between, finding a fun event to add to your agenda shouldn't be too difficult. While the Montana festivals are fun, you might also enjoy other events, such as a play, a ballet performance, or an opera. Many Montana cities and towns have theater venues or concert halls, and the performing arts are quite popular across the state. In Billings, for example, the Alberta Bair Theatre host an array of symphony orchestra performances and plays throughout the year. Montana events that revolve around sports are a possibility as well. Some of the cities here have minor league baseball teams, and home games are always fun to attend. If you like college football, the Montana State University Division I games are always a blast in Bozeman. Before or after the game, you might head over to the Museum of the Rockies, which can be found on the MSU campus. You certainly won't have problems finding thing to do in Montana, especially when you add one of the Montana festivals or events to the agenda.

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