Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the more scenic national parks in the United States, as its home to high-rising mountain ranges, sweeping alpine tundras, picturesque lakes, and some dense forest lands. Found in the northwestern part of Montana, Glacier National Park borders both the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta Canada and the British Columbian Akamina-Kishenena Provincial Park. The rugged mountains that are found within the boundaries of Glacier National Park are basically extensions of the southernmost stretch of the Canadian Rockies, and some of the peaks top out at over 10,000 feet above sea level. One of the best ways to take in the stunningly beautiful mountain scenery here is to hop on the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road, which runs straight through the heart of the park. For outdoor enthusiasts, parking the car and exploring the area on foot is definitely recommended as well.

Glacier National Park is a hiker's dream, and if you're really looking to explore, you can engage in a backpacking trip that takes you deep into the park's rather wild interior. There are more than 700 miles of trails to hike here, and if you want to extend your time outdoors once the sun goes down, you can always look to secure a spot at one of the park's thirteen campgrounds. Hiking is just one way to take in the surrounding beauty on your vacation to Glacier National Park, however, and you might also enjoy guided horseback riding tours or a fun-filled boating cruise. As for traversing the Going-to-the-Sun Road, you can hop on a tour bus if you are interested in doing more sightseeing than driving. It can be hard to focus on the road with such natural beauty in every direction, which is why the bus tours here are quite popular. Since there are more than 130 lakes in Glacier National Park, fishing is another thing that you can consider when engaging in Glacier National Park travel.

You won't need a license or a permit to go fishing during your vacation to Glacier National Park, though you will have to observe all the pertinent regulations. You can stop by the park's visitor centers and ranger stations to learn all about the fishing regulations, which are prone to change from time to time. You can fish throughout the year in Glacier National Park, even when the lakes freeze in the winter! Getting back to camping, those who are looking to stay outside of the park's interior can find at spot at one of the thirteen "frontcountry" campsites. These kinds of campsites have you closer to the park's edges, which are generally considered to be safer. For the more adventurous, however, "backcountry" camping is the way to go, and it involves packing up your supplies and heading into the park's less-visited areas. Camping, like fishing, can be enjoyed year round at Glacier National Park, as can wildlife viewing.

The Montana wildlife is quite diverse, and Glacier National Park is one of the best places in the state to view native species. You can also take in the native plant life when engaging in Glacier National Park travel. The Glacier Park ecosystem is part of a larger ecosystem which carries the label of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem. Interestingly enough, the bulk of the plant and animal species that existed within this ecosystem before white settlers arrived are still present today. Among the native trees here are an array of pines, cottonwood trees, and aspen trees. As for the plant species, some are only native to the general area. These native plant species include beargrass, Indian paintbrush, monkeyflower, and fireweed. When it comes to viewing the native wildlife, which easily figures among the top Glacier National Park attractions, grizzly bears, black bears, the Canadian lynx, elk, bighorn sheep, porcupines, river otters, and the rare mountain lion are just some of the animals that you're bound to see.

The Glacier National Park attractions basically revolve around the park's scenic mountains, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and wildlife, as it's all about the outdoors here. As such, many visitors spend little time in their Glacier National Park hotel rooms. You will need more than just a few days to enjoy everything that Glacier National Park travel offers, though the experience will prove unforgettable even if you're short on time. To get a bird's eye view of things in Glacier National Park, you might interest yourself in a helicopter tour, which is cheaper than you might think. To learn more about the park, you can also add the Glacier Institute to your list of Glacier National Park attractions. This institute, which conducts various summertime seminars and field studies, has been offering educational adventures to park visitors since 1983. As a side note, if you are interested in visiting Glacier National Park during your Montana vacation, you are also bound to enjoy a visit to Yellowstone National Park, which is partly located within the state's southwestern region.

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