Montana Lakes

Montana boasts thousands of lakes, some of which are reservoirs that are created by dams, and some of which are natural. Glaciers carved out most, if not all of the natural lakes here, and many of these lakes can be found in the mountains. While taking in the scenic views while visiting a lake in Montana is enjoyable, actually getting out on the lake and engaging in some fun activities is possible as well. Fishing is just one of the things that you can do when spending time on a lake in Montana, and there are plenty of other possibilities, including swimming. Should you be visiting a part of Montana where a lake or two is close by, you might consider renting a lake cabin. There are many enticing lake cabins in Montana, and they are great lodging options if you're looking for a break from hotels.

When discussing the Montana lakes, Flathead Lake must be mentioned. Found in the northwestern part of the state near Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake is an ideal vacation destination, partly for the fact the some cool towns can be found in the area. Bigfork is situated right on the banks of Flathead Lake, which helps to make it an attractive vacation destination, and the towns of Kalispell and Whitefish aren't far off either. Flathead Lake is the largest U.S. freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, and it boasts no less than 160 miles of shoreline. Some of the best lake cabins in Montana can be found along this lengthy shore, so you can consider a cabin rental in addition to considering the Bigfork hotels, the Kalispell hotels, and the Whitefish hotels. Boating on Flathead Lake is extremely popular, and once the temperatures hit the 70s or higher, it's boating season. For those without a boat, rentals are available.

Not to be confused with Flathead Lake, Flat Lake is just one of many more Montana lakes that you can enjoy during your Montana visit. Flat Lake Montana can be found in the northeastern part of the state, and if you like to fish, it's a good fishing destination. While lakes like Flat Lake can serve you well when visiting the eastern part of the state, most people would argue that the best Montana lakes are in the western region. You might not want to pass Fort Peck Lake when moving west from Flat Lake Montana, however. Like Flathead Lake, Fort Peck Lake is large. Formed by the Fort Peck Dam, this large lake is rather remote, so if you like peaceful camping, you might shack up for a night or more at one of the local campgrounds. There are also some day use areas spread around the lake if you're not planning on spending the night under the stars. Boating on Fort Peck Lake is a joy, partly because you'll hardly have to share the water with anyone, though it's recommended that you pioneer a boat with a motor. This is due to the fact that the lake can be quite windy. When boating on Flathead Lake, a motorboat is recommended as well. You can drive a motorboat in Montana after completing a rather simple study session, which you'll want to take on before you leave for your trip if possible.

Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park are good places to find a scenic lake in Montana, and while some of the lakes in these parks are small, others are pretty large. The Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, for example, has a shoreline that stretches for 110 miles. Situated at 7,733 feet above sea level, it's the largest lake in the U.S. at this altitude. In Glacier National Park, you'll find some of the most stunningly beautiful mountain lakes on the face of the earth. Among the more renowned lakes here are Swiftcurrent Lake, Lake McDonald, Bowman Lake, and Two Medicine Lake. Fishing and boating on the national park Montana lakes is popular, and while motorboats are permitted on some of these lakes, they are not permitted on others. You can also go canoeing or kayaking on the national park lakes in Montana if you prefer.

The lakes discussed in this article are just some of the Montana lakes that you will want to consider visiting. Duck Lake Montana is another one that deserves mention, as do scores of others, and it can be found on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation east of Glacier National Park. It's the huge rainbow trout that attracts most Duck Lake Montana visitors, and it doesn't hurt that the scenery is utterly breathtaking. Duck Lake isn't the best place to find lake cabins in Montana, but there's a good fishing lodge here that should be able to meet your lodging needs.

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