Montana Mountains

There are 3,510 mountain peaks in Montana, so if you like to mountain climb, it's a great state to check out. The Montana mountains also encourage things like skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and sightseeing throughout the year. You'll find the Montana mountain ranges towards the western side of the state, and though some of these ranges have their own names, they are really just part of the larger Rocky Mountains. The Montana Rocky Mountains stretch from the northern border with Canada to the southern borders with Idaho and Wyoming, so they cover quite a sizeable part of the state. It's the mountains in Montana that so many visitors come to enjoy, partly because of their scenic beauty, and partly because of the fact that there are a myriad of ways to enjoy them.

The tallest Montana mountains can be found in the Beartooth Range, which can be found just north of Yellowstone National Park in the south central part of the state. Granite Peak tops all of the other mountains in Montana when it comes to height, and it's an impressive 12,807 feet above sea level. Grizzly bears, mountain goats, elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain lions are just some of the animals that call the area in and around the Beartooth Mountains home. The Beartooth Mountains are part of the larger Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness area, and they essentially connect with the Absaroka Range. The Absaroka Range extends south into Wyoming and north to Bozeman. Just north of Bozeman, the Big Belts Mountains begin. The different Montana mountain ranges, as alluded to before, basically interconnect to form the Rockies, and as you move from the high prairies west towards the mountains, the elevation steadily increases.

The Lewis Range, part of which extends into Alberta Canada, can be found in northwestern Montana, and it's one of the more popular Montana mountain ranges with visitors. This is because the Lewis Range passes through Glacier National Park, where some of the most stunning mountain vistas in the world can be enjoyed. Mt. Cleveland, which stands at 10,466 feet above sea level, is the tallest mountain in the Lewis Range. Heading over to Montana's western border with Idaho, the Bitterrroot Range is just one more mountain range to consider spending some time in during your Montana vacation. Missoula visitors will enjoy easy access to the Bitterroot Range, which essentially covers the entire western border of Montana. Part of the Lewis and Clark Trail in Montana passes through the Bitterroot Range at Lolo Pass, which is where they entered Idaho and then re-entered Montana on their return trip.

It's either in or near the mountains in Montana where you'll find the state's most prominent cities. These cities include Helena, which is nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills, and Butte, which can be found immersed in mountains near Big Sky. When visiting cities like these, not only can you enjoy the attractions in town, but you can also explore the surrounding mountains, perhaps taking some time out to do some wildlife viewing or some white water rafting. As winter cedes, the snow in the Montana mountains begins to melt in many places, helping to fuel the states rivers. As these rivers move downhill, they create rapids in some parts that are ideal for river rafting. If you enjoy the thrill of white water rafting in Montana, you're also bound to enjoy a little mountain biking as well. There are tons of trails for mountain biking in the Montana mountain ranges, and they can surely challenge you if you're up for it.

Start planning your visit to one of the mountain ranges in Montana, and see for yourself just how extensive the outdoor opportunities are. You can fly right into some of the state's mountain cities, so you can save time on ground travel. For those who are renting a car to explore the Montana mountains, going with a 4x4 is a good idea. This is especially true in the winter months, as plenty of snow blankets the mountain ranges in Montana. While some might prefer the warmer seasons in the Montana mountains, others can't wait for winter to roll around, as resorts like Big Sky and the White Mountain Resort can deliver a skiing experience that is pretty much second to none.

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