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The list of possible outdoor activities in Montana is a long one, and you can add rafting to that list. Montana rafting is pretty top-notch, as scenic rivers with some ample rapids are in quite good supply here. The rivers in Montana are fed by snowcapped mountains, not to mention the waters that flow through the Yellowstone plateau. These rivers flow through some spectacular valleys and canyons, helping to make for a beautiful river setting. You might find it hard to focus on the beauty at hand when tackling some rapids, however. If hitting the rapids isn't exactly your idea of a good time, you can go rafting in Montana on more tranquil river stretches. The Montana river guides tend to offer a number of different river trips to suit visitors, and if you prefer to go canoeing or kayaking, you can do that as well.

There are many different places where you can enjoy Montana white water rafting, and as one might imagine, the more mountainous western part of the state is the best place to find rapids. You'll find one of the best Montana rafting sites just outside of Missoula. Where the Black Fork River flows through the Alberton Gorge, some of the best rapids in the state can be enjoyed. Since the rapids here are mostly class II and III, they offer enough in the way of thrills to keep most adventurers content. They are also docile enough to suit children ages 6 or older. The best time to go rafting on the Black Fork River, or on any river in Montana for that matter, are the summer months. Half-day rafting trips and full-day rafting trips can be enjoyed on the Black Fork River, and if you book a full-day trip, a lunch stop is part of the plan. There are even guides in the area that offer "gourmet dinner floats," which are relaxing evening expeditions that include a full dinner. When visiting the Missoula area, you can also book Montana rafting trips that involve cruising down the scenic Bitterroot River.

One of the other top places to go rafting in Montana is near Flathead Lake. Here in northwestern Montana, the Flathead River is the top place to raft, and it too boasts class II and class III rapids. Since the Flathead River forms the southern border of Glacier National Park, you might consider a few side trips to check out the park's stunning natural scenery. During spring and early summer, the Flathead River is at its best, and you'll have no trouble finding guides that can get you out on the water. Many of the guides who specialize in rafting in Montana offer family trips that any and all families will do well to book. These family trips can prove to be great bonding experiences, as anyone who's gone white water rafting before knows how easy it is to build comradery with your raftmates.

If rafting in Montana is something that you want to make the focus of your trip, you can pass on the half and full-day trips and book a multi-day trip instead. These overnight Montana rafting trips usually involve camping along the way, and your competent guides will take care of your meals. When you're not rafting on a multi-day Montana river rafting excursion, you can usually engage in other activities, such as fishing. More often than not, activities like hiking and wildlife viewing are usually part of the plan as well. When planning to go rafting in Montana, you might inquire about riverboarding as well. If you haven't heard of riverboarding, then you might have just found your new favorite sport. This fun-filled activity involves taking to the rapids on a small floating board that is equipped with straps to help you hold on. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the rapids, as you'll be closer to them than you would be inside a raft.

Whether you engage in Montana white water rafting or decide to go riverboarding, it's a good idea to pay close attention to your guides when they're going over all the safety precautions. The river guides here are experts on river conditions and safety, and listening to what they have to say before you get in the river can help you get out of a jam should you find yourself in one. Not only will the Montana white water rafting guides supply you with safety tips, but they'll also supply you with helmets and wetsuits, not to mention the raft and the paddles, so you don't need to worry about equipment. All you have to worry about is being safe and having an great time!

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